Should Raül Agné continue to be Nàstic's manager?

David Comamala, sports director of Nàstic, appeared yesterday in the press room at the Nou Estadi at a delicate moment for the entity. He showed his face and confirmed the news that everyone already knew. It is already known privately, but also publicly because the man from Girona confirmed it after being asked if there was an ultimatum to the Grana coach: «Yes. It is a Council decision. If you do not reach 50% of the points in these first days.

In the midst of all this tension on the Nàstic bench, the Diari wants to know the opinion of its readers. Is Agné the one who should continue to lead the grana bench or has the Council made a good decision with this ultimatum? Vote in the poll and leave us your opinion in the comments.

The coach already knows that he must make six points out of the next six possible. Pure mathematics, if you don't win it won't be worth anything else. Not a good picture or anything like that. It is time to add three by three to leave the bottom of the table once and get closer to the desired place. If he gets it now, the Mequinenza coach will continue, otherwise there will be a replacement on the bench.

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