Seven out of ten businesses in Tarragona have not yet installed automatic doors

Almost seven out of ten shops in Tarragona have not installed the door lock. The obligation came into effect in one of the parts of the Royal Energy Decree that has been in force since the month of August. In the province, 33.3% of establishments in the province have been able to comply with this automatic closing system. The remaining 66.7% admit that they have not done so and that they will need more time to conform to this regulation, the last redoubt of the saving measures, along with air conditioning no lower than 27º C and heating no higher than 19. This is reflected in a Pimec survey that reflects the difficulties for small and medium-sized companies to adapt to these new requirements for different reasons.

The cases are diverse but the economic waste that you have to deal with is one of the brakes. “There is a percentage of people who are not ready to make this investment. Perhaps there should be some kind of help that specifically does not exist as such, "says Jacint Pallejà, president of El Tomb de Reus.

“You have to comply but when it affects your pocket it is difficult”, admits Judith Sentís, promoter of the association La Via T

Trade associations recognize that the will exists, even though it runs up against the slab of the very high inflation and all the uncertainty that stems from it. In Tarragona, compliance with the norm is lower than in the Catalan global, where those who have been able to comply are close to 39%. Of course, the employer regrets "that the moratorium proposal has not been taken into account" and reiterates its "complaint for the lack of aid".

No air or heat

Judith Sentís, promoter of La Via T in Tarragona, considers that "you have to comply with what is marked, although it is always complicated when it affects the pocket». An asset in favor is the weather these days. “Now there are shops with their doors open but we do not know if they are complying or not because since it is neither cold nor hot they do not have air or heating, we will check it when the cold arrives,” says Sentís, somewhat critical of this measure of the Government that impacts a commercial fabric that is having a hard time. 24%, almost one in four businesses in Tarragona, have seen the rental price of their premises rise, although the X-ray reflects above all the worry about what may come. 44% believe that the situation will worsen in the next six months and their activity will decline.

“We have put quite a few springs. They are much cheaper”, says Josué Lara, head of Metalbasic locksmithing and automation

Some installation companies have not had the expected volume of orders. "We haven't noticed anything. People prefer to wait to see if they issue fines and then they no longer have a choice, but many tell you: 'If Sánchez doesn't pay me, I won't issue it'", explains David López, from Puertas y Automatismos LM, a company from Valls that has even come to make special offers. "We have designed concrete pricesas tight as possible, but we haven't noticed much of a response. We continue to work on other products, but not on automatic doors for shops," says López. In Puertas Prieto, an establishment in Tarragona, they have perceived an interest, albeit late. “We have noticed an increase in inquiries and ordersespecially from late September to early October. We already expected it to happen, we knew that this measure could benefit us, "says Claudia Mendoza.

Josué Lara, head of Metalbasic Cerrajería y Automatismos, in Polígon Constantí, confesses that «we have seen little movement, because shops are not there to spend 3,800 euros that can be worth a door.

Lara points to alternatives: «We install motors on swing doorsso that they open and close, and that way it is cheaper». Lara also believes that the moment in which the norm was established played against it: «This new Royal Decree was managed and approved in August, in a somewhat hasty way and when many people were on vacation, something that prevented it from attracting enough attention of the people, and today many are unaware of this new obligation».

"With the collective effort that is being made, this is not the time to start imposing sanctions," says Jacint Pallejà, president of El Tomb de Reus

In Manusa, a smart door and access control factory in Valls, they have noticed a higher incidence. "As a result of the decree law, requests have increased by 30%»They explain from the company, which adds that the standard «has brought up to date an issue that concerns us and has occupied us for many years, we have been installing doors for more than 50 years. In our history as a company, we have had many important moments that have an uptick in our orders».

Manusa emphasizes that businesses, bars and restaurants were already implementing these improvements that the decree has only accelerated. "We have noticed a greater increase in retail chains than in small businesses," she says. The prices in this production center vary, depending on the size, the material, the thickness of the pane glass or the accessories that they automate. “We can say that the most feasible range would be between 2,800 and 4,700 euros»they add.

Just because a store doesn't have door locks installed doesn't mean it's against the law. «The sector does not have a magic wand of immediate solutions»says Pallejà, who adds nuances: «An important part of establishments they had already chosen to order these doors before that they received instructions from the Government, because people study the costs of their business and they can see that if they make that investment, once it is amortized, they can save».

The cheap option: the dock

Another casuistry is that of the entrepreneurs who have already made the order and plan that the installation will be done from this second fortnight of the month. Docks are also being placed. "We have put quite a few because they are cheaper," says Josué Lara.

The alternative to it is cut off power supply, with all its consequences. «We have had a very hot summer and we are heading towards a winter that will be cold, but many establishments have their doors open and the air stopped. All of them are complying, "says Pallejà.

"We have noticed more inquiries and orders since the beginning of the month," admits Claudia Mendoza, in charge of Puertas Prieto

Florenci Nieto, president of Pimec Comerç Tarragona, also warns of a "waiting list", because "manufacturers can't cope and placing doors is very difficult”, “since they are waiting for accessories and there is not enough material”.

In the Vallense Manusa, which also has another factory in Polinyà (Barcelona) and has more than a hundred employees, they admit that "throughout the year we can find moments of an increase in the number of orders, from some of the markets in those of us who have a presence", although "we have full capacity to adapt and respond to times of increased demand, as in this case". The term in this firm is four weeks between ordering and installation.

Nieto regrets that "the banks are not giving money either and many businesses cannot invest 5,000 or 6,000 euros in this ». The entire sector closes ranks and claims the commitment to fulfill despite the obstacles. With the collective effort that has been made, This is not the time for the administration to impose sanctions. We are aware that we have to lower consumption”, adds Pallejà.

The installation of doors to conserve energy is added to the other measures to reduce consumption that, broadly speaking, seem to have an effect. Although in September the electricity consumption in Tarragona rose by 1% compared to 2021 -a year conditioned by the Covid-, according to Endesa's balance sheets, in the first weeks of the application it was possible to reduce it by 4.9%.

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