Second positive for Nile fever in Reus

The wife of the first autochthonous case of Nile fever in Catalonia, an 85-year-old resident of Reus who had been waiting for results since September, has tested positive. This is detailed to the Diari sources of Salut consulted in this regard. Her husband, also a resident of the city and 90 years old, had already been confirmed a few weeks ago. She is therefore the second contagion identified.

At the end of August, both were admitted to the Sant Joan Hospital in Reus with a neurological condition that was progressing favourably, without the Department having updated their evolution. The outbreak that had been declared as a result of the man's infection –as it is an emerging disease, a single affected individual is enough to activate the alert– is terminated as no transmission has been detected, as specified by the same sources.

The main route of transmission of the disease to people is the bite of mosquitoes that have been in contact with affected birds. There are no infections between humans. Upon being notified of the first case, in September, the City Council set up a special commission and began the deployment of specific measures. Sinks, parks and green areas in the municipal area were treated to prevent the proliferation of the insect vector. And a mailing was carried out with information and advice on the matter. The works advanced radially from the north area, where the home of the affected couple was located.

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