Saül Garreta assumes the presidency of the Port with sustainability as his flag

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has not yet published the official appointment. However, Saül Garreta is already the new president of the Port Authority of Tarragona, after making official the change at the head of this institution, which in the last four years has been led by Josep Maria Cruset from Riudon. Garreta assumed this responsibility in an act presided over by the Minister of Territory, Juli Fernàndez, and in which he defended the "continuity" with the work of his predecessor in terms of the projects that are currently underway. "In principle, things that work must continue," he said.

During his speech, Garreta marked the first lines of the future, the need to address "the challenge" of the climate emergency and social cohesion. "Economic sustainability is self-evident and necessary, but we also need to consider environmental sustainability," he noted. And, in this sense, he already anticipated that "any decision we make must take into account the carbon footprint."

Energy consumption will be one of the lines of work, while regarding cruise activity, he pointed out that "I have to study it, to see to what extent it should be calibrated and shaped." Garreta also did not want to go into more detail about it, although he recalled that this is a project that "is not exclusively of the Port of Tarragona" and that the "consensus of the territory must be sought, since it is an activity in which many actors intervene" .

The incoming president acknowledged that this is a "complex territory" and that the port "is not just Tarragona or Vila-seca", but is one of the driving forces that the leadership of Catalonia's second largest metropolitan area must exercise. And one of the projects that he highlighted is the new Zona d'Activitats Logístiques (ZAL), on which he positively assessed the "environmental" line and the "benefit" that it will bring to the region.

The Minister of Territori showed his "full confidence" in the new president and stressed that he is an "enterprising person, capable of carrying out the project and concerned about the well-being and common good". Likewise, he valued the "efficiency" of whom he assured that "he will be a great president" of an infrastructure that "contributes in a key way to the internationalization of Catalonia and Camp de Tarragona." "It's a window we want to open even more," he said.

Garreta, 50 years old, provisionally leaves his profession as an architect to become the first representative of Esquerra Republicana to direct this institution. In this regard, Fernàndez valued the "vocation of service" when facing this new challenge and highlighted that "it is a serious and solvent relief" in which "there are no interim appointments but a public responsibility."

For his part, Josep Maria Cruset said goodbye highlighting the "transformation of the port" in these four years, which can be visualized in two very clear axes. The first, in terms of infrastructure. «The port of Tarragona today has nothing to do with it, we have gained competitiveness within the port system», he said. As for the second, he assured that this refers to a question of "mentality and attitude."

Cruset wanted to thank the work of the 250 workers who make up this institution, in addition to the executive committee and the port community. He assured that in recent weeks there has been "a very correct transition" and that he will soon request to rejoin the Tarragona Provincial Council as an official, where he had a position. "Once the game is over, the king and the pawn leave the board and go to the same box," he said.

The replacement has been hasty and the name of the new president of the Port was announced just a week ago. In fact, in the case of the Port of Barcelona, ​​the name of the person who will succeed Damià Calvet, who will follow the same path, is still not known, given that this is one of the changes brought about by the departure of Junts per Catalunya from the Executive by Pere Aragonès

ImpulsCatSud reacted to the first words of the new president with a statement in which he encouraged him to "continue promoting the growth" of this infrastructure. "The Port of Tarragona has a scenario of opportunities and exponential growth that will strengthen its competitiveness and its role as the engine of the territory's economy," said the president of the entity, Miquel Maria Aragonès.

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