Salou, the tourist model, taxes and the never-ending Civic Axis

The Salou City Council has today approved the modification of the fiscal ordinances for the year 2023, in a plenary session that has once again dedicated a good part of the debate to the Eix Cívic and that has ended with the tension transferred to the public bench. The neighbors opposed to the construction of houses in this area returned to take their protests to the plenary hall, although this time there were only half a dozen and they left the session just before finishing between reproaches to the mayor, Pere Granados.

A clash between Marçal Curto (ERC) and the mayor regarding the approval of the statutes of the Association of Sun and Beach Tourist Municipalities (AMT), of which Salou is a member, heated up the debate from a good start. This alliance of the eight main tourist towns in Spain represents for the republican spokesman an "outdated model" from which Salou should flee. Something for which Granados accused him of going against the tourist model of the city.

The Councilor for Finance and Economic Management, Yeray Moreno, was in charge of presenting the proposal for fiscal ordinances, which will involve freezing the taxes and fees paid to the city council for the next financial year. “This is governing. Listen to the citizens and not punish their pockets any more », he defended, although for the opposition it is not enough.

Both Cs and PP voted against the proposal and demanded a tax reduction in the face of difficulties arising from inflation. For its part, ERC abstained, thanking some "specific consensus", but regretting that a progressive tax system is not applied based on income or that school transport is not made free, among others.

Request to the Generalitat

On one of the few points on which all the groups agreed, although each one with its own nuances, it was to make a new request to the Generalitat to include an item of 9 million euros in the next budget for the financing of the Eix Civic, as promised almost ten years ago. This is the second formal request that the consistory sends to the Government, after a first one that was approved in April, but that did not obtain any response.

"It is unfortunate that an institution like the Generalitat does not even answer," criticized the PP spokesman, Mario García. For Granados, this type of requirement is important to give more value to Salou's demands "if we have to go to court to demand that the Generalitat comply." He also assured that he has already contacted the Salvador Illa team "in case they have to negotiate budgets, that they take into account Salou's requests."

It was during the time of questions and answers when the anger broke out again around an Eix Cívic that still has a rope for a while. Pere Lluís Huguet, from Ciutadans, took the opportunity to ask for explanations about the removal of the banners contrary to the Eix Cívic that the neighbors had installed on the rail fences and that the Local Police removed. “At no time during this entire legislature have I given any order to remove any banner,” settled the councilor for Citizen Security, David González.

Meanwhile, the Cs spokesman opened another melon by suggesting to the government team that it protect the old station building – which disappeared in the initial planning proposal – including it in the catalog of cultural assets of local interest. “We know that architecturally it does not have much value, but it is a building from 1910 and it has historical value, in addition to being the last station on the line that is still standing,” he said.

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