Rosa leaves the Festa de l'Oli in Reus with 86 liters of oil home

The second and last day of the XXV Festa de l'Oli Nou PDO Siurana began this Saturday, November 12, in the Plaza de la Llibertat in Reus with numerous people queuing to get their typical fair breakfast: toasted bread with olive oil extra virgin PDO Siurana and longaniza, which this year Casa Borrull has made with carob and apple alioli. During the time that the food has been distributed, families have been seen strategically dividing up the tasks: some were looking for a place to sit down to eat and others went to get plates for everyone, managing to stack them with skill.

During the day, in addition to the frenetic activity that the 16 participating cooperatives have had selling bottles of new oil, there have been activities for all audiences. During the morning, for example, the children's workshop 'Has begut oli?' was carried out, in which children and young people between the ages of eight and 14 have learned how to refine used oil and turn it into olive oil « without the surnames virgin and extra» and, also, they have tasted some samples. "Close your eyes and tell me what the aromas of the oil remind you of," requested the person who ran the workshop.

Already in the afternoon, one of the most anticipated activities and that has also brought together hundreds of people in the square has been the one in which five, 10, 15 and 20 liters of oil are raffled off to those people who have obtained tickets when buying in the Mercat Central and in the Carrilet, in addition to the jackpot and more special: in this, the winner walks away with his weight in oil.

For the first time, compared to other editions, all the winners have been present at the Llibertat to hear their names. And it is that in previous celebrations, when the winner was not there, the prize passed to belong to another person. As Montse Gelonch, from the Regulatory Council of the Siurana PDO, has said, and has been seconded by the president of the label, Antoni Galceran, «this year we have done bingo!». To distribute the bottles of five, 10, 15 and 20 liters of oil, a group of children have climbed onto the stage, mixing the participating tickets. The "innocent hands" have distributed five liters to Vadim, 10 to Lluís, 15 to Rosa and 20 to Cándido, who two years ago had gained his weight in oil: neither more nor less than 70 litres. The winner of her weight in oil has been another woman named Rosa, from Reus, who has left the fair with 86 liters home.

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