Registered an earthquake of magnitude 3.4 in Tortosa

Tortosa was the epicenter of a partially perceived earthquake in the Baix Ebre area of ​​magnitude 3.4 on Monday night, according to the Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya.

The earthquake took place around 11:52 p.m. and caused no damage, neither personal nor material, nor were 112 calls received. The Cartographic Institute did receive up to 20 surveys of perceived earthquakes.

Due to the earthquake, Civil Protection activated the pre-alert of the Seismicat plan, which was finally deactivated at half past seven yesterday morning. The Institut Cartogràfic also reported that there has been no aftershock from the earthquake.

Most of the population did not perceive the earthquake, but some residents of Tortosa did affirm yesterday morning that they noticed how the sofa at home trembled slightly for a moment.

The head of observation at the Ebro Observatory, German Soler, explains that the earthquake actually took place in the Sierra de Cardó and that the Observatory recorded it, like all those it records daily around the world.

«It is a natural phenomenon that fortunately is not frequent in our lands. There is little seismic activity here, an example is that the two nuclear power plants are in this area and are never installed where there is a high seismic risk, with the exception of Japan. The Pyrenees area is the most active part in Catalonia. In mountain places there may be a little more activity. Another active area but of low intensity is the Delta”, details the chief of observation.

The scientist points out that within this scale, a magnitude from 3 is when the population can perceive the earthquake, especially in tall buildings, with, for example, the oscillation of a ceiling lamp.

"It is not something very strange that there are earthquakes," Soler assesses. "But many are small."

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