Puigdemont reveals that PSOE emissaries have offered him judicial "good treatment"

The former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, yesterday flatly rejected the reform of the crime of sedition negotiated by the Government and the Govern. On the fifth anniversary since he fled to Brussels, he ruled out a "personal" solution to his court case, which he believes would be a "political resignation." "I will never ask on my knees," he warned. The nationalist leader, who opposes the dialogue table and who charges against the ERC's pactist strategy, revealed that emissaries from the PSOE have visited him to offer him judicial "expectations of good treatment" through a reform of the Penal Code or of a pardon if he appears before the Supreme Court. Puigdemont attacked PSOE and Esquerra for negotiating on his situation when he has not asked for it or "authorized" it.

It is not clear how the reform of the crime of sedition would affect the former president. And it is that, he is accused of sedition and also of embezzlement. Therefore, even if the sentences are reduced by half for the first offense (from 5 to 7 years), he would still be at high risk of being sentenced to prison with long sentences. The case would be different for Clara Ponsatí and Marta Rovira, accused only of sedition. The return to Spain, in any case, will always be a personal decision for each of them, unless European justice forces Belgium to extradite them.

Puigdemont was very critical of the pardons, as he is with the reform of the crime of sedition, since in his opinion it does not resolve the Catalan conflict, and he entrusts all his judicial fate to what the European courts rule. His objective is to return through the front door, after defeating the State in the European courts of justice. He plays it in three causes. One must decide whether Belgium is obliged to hand him over to be extradited, the second will decide on his immunity from the European Parliament and the third whether the sentences of the 'procés' were in accordance with the law and community standards.

two month term

The negotiation of the reform of the crime of sedition has entered a new phase. All parts have moved. ERC affirmed that the only way out was amnesty. Then he went on to defend the repeal of the crime of sedition and now he accepts its reform. The President of the Government went from assuring that he would bring Carles Puigdemont and that he would once again classify the calling of a referendum as a crime to announcing that he would take the reform of sedition to Congress. The Government squeezes the Government. He warns him that he has two months to close the agreement, which would be the first great achievement for the Republicans at the dialogue table, which must meet, as they agreed in July, before the end of the year. In reality, it would be the second great concession to the independentistas, because the first was the pardons. The Government also warns the Government that the sedition reform is not enough. It also calls for changes in the Penal Code regarding the crime of embezzlement and public disorder. And that the Government exert its influence in the Prosecutor's Office and in the State Attorney's Office so that the request for penalties in some of the pending cases is lowered.

All this, in exchange for ERC's support for the latest General State Budgets of the legislature, which can be approved before the Christmas holidays. They all say they are different folders, but they go in parallel. Like the negotiation between the Government and the PP for the renewal of the CGPJ, which has been blown up, when Sánchez has stepped on the accelerator and confirmed his intention to take the reform of the Penal Code to Congress.

The objective, summarized in the pro-independence ranks, is to achieve the effects of an amnesty, without approving it, in such a way that the leaders who have fled abroad can return and those who are awaiting trial (such as the thirty former government officials prosecuted for 1-O for embezzlement) do not go to prison. This is the dejudicialization for Pere Aragonès.

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