Private tanks save businesses from the lack of drinking water in L'Espluga de Francolí

The municipality of Espluga de Francolí is without drinking water for half the hours of the day, from seven in the evening until seven in the morning.

The lack of supply has been compensated with several tankers that make trips to Montblanc to carry water to Espluga. Many businesses and private neighbors are cautious to face the situation, since for years they have had their own deposits.

This is the case of the Hotel Restaurant Ocell Francolí, which was set up twenty years ago to avoid this issue, as explained by its owner, Rafel Lorca. "As long as it's within a few hours we don't have any problem. By the time the whole day is cut, we will have one here », he affirms.

Since October 19, when the City Council applied tougher restrictions on supply as a result of the situation in the municipal warehouse, businesses such as the Art Restaurant have not seen their activity interrupted. "We have our own warehouse and we have never been at a minimum," says José Maria Ortega. This time, the water cut has not affected them too much, since the restaurant does not offer services during the hours that the restaurant is established.

Those who are most affected by this situation are all the people who do not have a private tank, and who, therefore, do not have water reserves to cover their needs during this time slot. This is the case, for example, of people who live in blocks of flats.

The constant regression of the water reserves of the municipal deposits has not stopped its activity

Gerard Griñó, a resident of l'Espluga de Francolí and owner of the Cal Tullet oven, assures that those who have a deposit "do not find out" because they are careful not to "waste" and ensure that there is enough time to spend these twelve hours. His bread oven, Cal Tullet, has a tank of about 200 liters and with this amount he is able to run the oven without too many headaches.

"People think we need a lot of water to make bread, but that's not the case," adds Griñó. For his part, Rafel Lorca, from the Hotel Restaurant Ocell Francolí, assures that private deposits are the key to getting ahead: "We have the deposits, but if we didn't, it would be unfeasible to have the hotel open."

A problem that comes from afar

The lack of water is not a problem that comes from now, but goes back many years, according to those affected. "It's not the first time they cut off the water, nor do I suppose it will be the last," lamented Lorca.

For his part, Griñó adds: «Like this year never in my life, but it has always been happening». The scant rains of recent days have not helped to reverse this situation, which seems to be going on for a while longer, until the level of municipal deposits stabilizes.

The Consistory has warned the population to make a "restricted use" of water to ensure that consumption decreases, and not have to make restrictions that could reach 24 hours a day.

The neighbors agree and comment on the Daily that the solution is "easy" and is "the one that the rest of the towns have" in the Conca de Barberà. It would mean lengthening the Tarragona Water Consortium (CAT) pipeline that reaches Montblanc de l'Ebre with Espluga de Francolí. In this way they would connect with the network that exists in the different municipalities of the region and would not have deficiencies in the municipal deposits.

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