Pay two euros more per month for garbage in TGN, getting closer

The 29% rise in the garbage rate is closer than ever to being a reality starting next year. The majority of the municipal plenary is in favor of the measure, alleging that it is a law that must be complied with. The surprise has been given by the two non-attached councilors, Sonia Orts and José Luis Calderón –formerly in the ranks of Ciutadans–, who have decided to support the Ricomà government's proposal for tax ordinances. On the contrary, the PP, Ciutadans and the councilor of En Comú Podem, Àngels Pérez, are against it. They believe that this is not the time to raise taxes, taking into account the economic situation that some families are going through.

Finally, who has not yet decided, has been the PSC. The Socialists have prepared a battery of questions so that today, in the Comissió Informativa d'Hisenda, the municipal government will clarify the main doubts.

The proposal is to increase the garbage rate by 28%, which will mean two euros more per month on average for taxpayers. The measure is due, according to municipal sources, to the obligation to comply with the new waste law, which requires municipalities to cover 100% of the cost of the cleaning service with taxes.

For his part, the Councilor for Economic and Central Services of the Tarragona City Council, Jordi Fortuny, together with his team, have carried out a forecast of the costs of the new garbage contract -which will be launched next year- and, In this way, make an approximate calculation of what it will be necessary for citizens to pay taxes. The result is this 28.99% increase.

This increase is also motivated, according to Fortuny, by the rise in prices and the rise in inflation. "If we want to walk towards a rationalization of the service and do things well, we must follow this path," explains the councilor, who makes it clear that no more taxes can be lowered, only the rest of taxes, such as IBI, vehicle taxes or the IAE.

The measure will pass the first hurdle this morning, at the Comissió Informativa d'Hisenda, where the municipal groups will have to position themselves. If the proposal to modify the fiscal ordinances goes ahead, the matter will be debated and approved in the next municipal plenary session, which will take place on Thursday, October 27. Everything seems to indicate that the measure will have a course and that taxpayers, starting next year, will have to pay 28% more than the garbage rate.

yes will win

The entire municipal government –ERC, CUP, JxTGN and councilor Hermán Pinedo–, in addition to non-attached councilors Sonia Orts and José Luis Calderón, support the measure. With them, they add 15 of the 27 seats of the plenary. “We will vote yes by legal imperative. It can't be done any other way. With this, we also want to show that we are not against the government, but against forms. When we have to support, we do it”, says Sonia Orts.

On the other hand, the PP, Ciutadans and En Comú Podem will vote against the proposal. José Luis Martín, spokesman for the PP, defines the measure as a "scandal", and assures that "Ricomà will have managed to raise the garbage rate by 40% during his mandate."

Lorena de la Fuente, number 1 of Ciutadans, believes that "now is not the time to raise this tax, taking into account the large number of drowned families, who do not make ends meet."

Along the same lines, Àngels Pérez, councilor for En Comú Podem, criticizes Ricomà for not paying attention when the purple formation proposed to revise the rate a year ago, so that the tax would be paid depending on the purchasing power of each area.

Finally, the only formation that is still undecided is the PSC. Before deciding its position, the group will present this morning a battery of questions "to resolve some doubts and unknowns that we have," says its spokesperson, Sandra Ramos.

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