Novices and veterans, Agnè's winning formula for Nàstic

Raül Agné appeared in the final trial at Las Gaunas with only two changes compared to the last three weeks. The Mequinenza coach has found the eleven type of him in which youth and veteran mix perfectly. With that bet he has managed to win three of four games to place Nàstic close to the playoff positions and settle, at least for now, the debate about his future. Bravery has a prize and basing the lineups on meritocracy has given him the return he expected. The hand has shown his cards and it turns out that they have ended up being more winning than ever.

In the eleven against SD Logroñés there were up to six players under 25 years of age. The numbers speak for themselves and Nàstic can boast of having a backbone in which most of them have a hopeful future ahead. In recent weeks the figure had been five, but the bet on Pol Domingo in the center of the defense added even more youth to the team.

Alexandre Tirlea, Marc Montalvo, Aarón Rey, Marc Álvarez and Andrei Lupu are the other five youngsters who were in the eleven. Five players that right now are full in Raül Agné's plans because of his talent and his personality.

What still gives more merit to this commitment to rebellion is that three of those five puppies have been trained in the lower categories of Nàstic. A clear reflection of the importance of the Bulladera. Talent comes out there and you only have to bet on it when it asks for a step.

Agné has never cut herself in that sense. He already gave Pol Domingo the title for much of last season and this year he has not wavered from the start to give Marc Montalvo and Marc Álvarez flight. The weeks go by and the two have not fallen out of the plans, but on the contrary, with each game that passes they are more settled in the eleven. In fact, the midfielder from Riudoms scored his first goal the other day as a Nàstic player.

If these youngsters are reaching a high level, it is to a certain extent because they have some references next to them who transfer that substance and experience that they need during certain phases of the meetings.

They are the other five footballers of the eleven who right now have the undisputed headline poster. They are fixed and their competition already knows that things must change a lot for them to leave their place in eleven. Manu García is in his best moment at 31 years old. One of the best goalkeepers in the category as he has shown since he arrived in Tarragona. His voice on the field is heard because he is one of those who commands and when he speaks, the young people listen, both for the good and for the bad.

Josema Gómez started as a substitute and has completely turned his situation around. He has passed Marc Trilles and Alex Quintanilla on the right and is being the central defender with the best performance in general. His winning goal at Las Gaunas only raises his status in the squad.

The Joan Oriol thing is not surprising because it has already been three years in which he has made it clear in Tarragona that there is no better left-back in the category. 35 years old, but in a state of extraordinary form.

Pedro Del Campo started the season late due to injury, but since he recovered he has enjoyed the undisputed starting lineup. The midfielder from Girona is a weakness for Raül Agné who does not hesitate to give him the keys to midfield. He also mixes very well with Marc Montalvo, forming a room of working machines, but with ball control.

Finally, Guillermo Fernández is already in his thirties, which he will reach in May. Along the way he has already left four goals that will be more because the Basque is seen with more and more confidence in his game.

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