New rainwater network in the area of ​​the Figuerola del Camp industrial estate

The industrial zone of Figuerola del Camp, located at the exit of the town center towards the road that leads to Cabra del Camp, has a problem of flooding every time it rains.

With the aim of remedying it, the City Council has approved the project for the new rainwater network, which will go out to tender for 106,656 euros, according to the Daily the mayor, Josep Sans.

«The road will be raised, a collector and bars will be inserted. The rainwater network will be buried and the drainage will go directly to the Aligueres ditch, "says the mayor.

The area of ​​influence will not only be industrial but will reach the bridge, also taking the section of the cemetery. In total they are 312 meters long.

The project is expected to materialize next year and has a subsidy from the Single Plan for Works and Services (PUOSC) of the Generalitat of 79,992 euros. The rest will be provided by the City Council, a very significant part considering that the Consistory has a municipal budget of around 400,000 euros.

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