Nàstic Genuine debut supported by Mauricio Pochettino

The PortAventura World Convention Center hosted the presentation of Nàstic Genuine, which this weekend will take part in the Inaugural Phase of LaLiga Genuine Santander, which will be held in Tarragona. The entire first team squad, including the coaching staff, wanted to support the "best team in the history of Nàstic", as the club's president, Josep Maria Andreu, repeated.

Led by goalkeeper Manu García, godfather of Genuine, all the professional components of Nàstic made a well-deserved aisle of honor for the Genuine players. To those summoned Dídac Bosques, Manuel Vancells, Kevin Gutiérrez, Cyro Almazán, Alvaro Cano, Daniel Ferrer, Arnau Pujol, Aarón Oya, David Carmona, José Antonio Mateu, Juan José Gonzalez, Aarón Cortés, Raúl Iglesias, Oriol Clavaguera, Javier Jose Sarabia and Arnau Palomas, and those who will not be in this Phase.

Rubén Almazán, one of the captains of the grana team and an employee of the club, was not only applauded by the first team players but also cheered.

'Alma máter' of Nàstic Genuine, along with Álvaro Cano, Rubén was one of the great stars of the event. He became a journalist to interview one of the guests at the event, the Chilean influencer Caterina Moretti. Known as 'La Cate', this professional communicator with Down Syndrome left clear signs that talent knows no limits and that "difference is a value and should not be scary".

Rubén Almazán and 'Cate' received a standing ovation from the more than 300 volunteers present at the PortAventura Convention Center with their answers to the questions asked by the Tarragona 'tiktoker' Javier Guijas (guuiijj). A waste of energy and good vibes that caught everyone.

Javier Bonilla, 'Cuquino', much loved by the Genuine players who received a tribute (and a souvenir shirt) for his 100 games with Nàstic, passed the stage. Manu García also came out. The goalkeeper is one of the regulars in the training sessions of the team led by Rafel Magrinyà and has earned the affection of the footballers. "When I go with them I don't teach anything, I'm going to learn from them," said the Andalusian goalkeeper.

The culmination of the presentation came at the end with the appearance of Mauricio Pochettino, former coach of Espanyol, Tottenham and PSG. The coach was full of praise for the team: «Being here with you is one of the most beautiful gifts you have ever given me. Thank you for the values ​​you teach us. From now on, I will be one more fan of Nàstic Genuine».

The act was a service to present the 300 people who will make up the Grana BASF Volunteers who will work to make the Inaugural Phase of LaLiga Genuine Santander a success once again. All the volunteers come from BASF collaborators, Grana BASF Volunteers, students from the San Pablo Apóstol School, Antoni Martí Franquès Institute, Dominicas Tarragona School, Mare Nostrum School, La Salle Tarragona and Camp Joliu.

It served to finish giving the last indications prior to the opening ceremony of the competition, which will take place this afternoon at 8:00 p.m. at the Nou Estadi Costa Daurada, and the matches that will be played between Saturday and Sunday at Futbol Salou Esport Center.

There was time for the famous 'haka' of LaLiga. So that all the attendees learned the steps and could perform the Genuine dance as it deserves. With a smile and having fun. Because LaLiga Genuine is for having fun. The protagonists, the players and the teams, and also the volunteers.

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