Nastic, be brave

The victory against Real Murcia at the Nou Estadi launched a lifesaver once again for Raül Agné on the Nàstic bench. A balsamic triumph that allowed the granas to smile again and clear ghosts, at least for a few days. The important thing was not only that it was won, but how it was done. The Tarragona team gave the feeling of finding the way and beginning to be what they have intended since the beginning of the course. A brave, dynamic team with the ability to hit the opponent's jaw at the first opportunity. So everything is easier and even conceding two goals ends up being an anecdote.

The first downpour has passed, but the squad is fully aware that the ghosts will reappear depending on what happens today in San Sebastian. Last year the team was always doubted away from home because neither the results nor the image reinforced it at any time. This year the same thing is happening. For one thing or another you don't win and the feeling that Agné's team convey is that they are gripped by the fear of winning.

Real Sociedad B is a favorite rival for Nàstic to take a step forward, which is so much expected as a visitor. Another victory would pave the way in an obvious way. The team would climb many positions in the table, placing itself in the noble zone, and would also add two wins in a row for the first time so far this season, the first away from the Nou Estadi.

If we talk about the Basque subsidiary as a perfect team to hit the table, it is not to underestimate. If there is something this type of ensembles raise, they are open encounters in which taking a step forward usually has a prize. Playing the exchange of blows falls within the rules that they propose. Being timid hasn't helped Nàstic at all, so perhaps it's time to really go for the match. Go 1-0 or 0-1. The question is to go and remove that mental block in which grana footballers seem to live.

Same eleven?

For this, everything indicates that the Mequinenza coach will once again bet on the same eleven that won and convinced against Real Murcia. Agné has always been a coach who has given continuity to those elevens that have won. He likes to reward victory and act assertively in defeat. If you take into account that the eleven chosen against the Murcian team took a step forward and all were at a remarkable level, few changes are expected.

In the casualties chapter, Alex Quintanilla will not be available for the match due to a fibrillar injury in the quadriceps of his left leg. He is joined by Nil Jiménez who is out due to cervical discomfort. The other doubt is that of Marc Trilles.

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