Nàstic advances to the second round of the Copa del Rey after beating Racing Rioja (0-2)

Las Gaunas has become this season a magical stadium for Nàstic. If a fortnight ago the Grana team added their first away victory against SD Logroñés (1-2) on this stage, this Saturday they managed to get through the first round of the Copa del Rey after beating Racing Rioja (0-2). A triumph with invoice. The first round of the cup tournament claimed the injuries of Lupu, Iván de la Peña and Nil Jiménez.

The Spanish-Romanian attacker retired in the 12th minute, just after scoring the 0-1. Shortly before the break, it was Nil Jiménez who was forced to leave the pitch supported by the doctor and the physiotherapist. Iván de la Peña, who was making his debut with the first team, still lasted a few minutes in the second half before being substituted by Marc Montalvo. The midfielder from Riudoms had to play central, since Agné had changed to Quintanilla as a precaution and neither Trilles nor Pol Domingo had traveled to Logroño. The youth squad had to deal with an unexpected situation, although with a comfortable score (0-2).

Comfortable because Racing Rioja was not tuned in front of goal. The Second RFEF team crashed three balls into the post and scored another, annulled for offside. Too many chances conceded by a Nàstic who got too comfortable after securing an income of two goals. The locals never gave up, while the people from Tarragona did what they usually do in the league, drop positions and wait for the rival. Perhaps, this time with reasons, to avoid overexertion and risks, especially after the three injuries.

Raül Agné, as expected, put an eleven of 'secondary' footballers in the league. Secondaries by minutes in play, because any of them have enough level to play from the start in the League. That is the level of the Nàstic squad. But those minutes have to be earned and Agné offered them that window to do it. Lupu wanted to take advantage of the moment and did so by making it 0-1 by finishing off a cross from Robert Simón. A goal that put the tie on the expected and expected stage. Avoiding uncomfortable surprises so common in the Copa del Rey.

It was somewhat bittersweet for the Romanian. He scored at 'home', as he arrived in the Rioja capital as a child, but as soon as he did so he had to leave the pitch due to a hamstring problem.

In minute 25, Èric Montes scored the second with a shot from the edge of the box. The third could have come as soon as the second half began. Pochettino stood up to goalkeeper Cheng who grazed the cross shot from the grana winger.

Covering the file and with more scares than expected, Nàstic sneaked into the 56 teams that will play the second qualifying round of the Copa del Rey. On Wednesday, draw.

l Three Nàstic players were unable to finish the match due to muscle problems and, as he said, the coach "doesn't look good". After the first explorations Lupu has affected the femoral, Nil Jiménez the ankle, while De la Peña had to retire in the second half due to a knee problem

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