"My sister was swallowed by the earth on July 21"

«My sister was swallowed by the earth on July 21. It is impossible that she left of her own free will." These are the words of María Jesús, the sister of Mónica de la Llana, known to those close to her as Mónica la Vasca. The woman, who disappeared four months ago, was last seen in The Mulberry of Montsanta small town in Priorat. The one who at that time was her "half-boyfriend" of her, he explained in an interrogation that he spent the morning with Monica from her and that he accompanied her to the bus stop. That day, the protagonist of this story had met a friend in Reus for lunch. But she never came.

Mónica is 45 years old, she is a lover of electronic music and, at the time of her disappearance, she had neither a home nor a stable job. He spent long periods of time living with his mother and her 22-year-old son, in the family home, in Valls. Other days she slept at friends' houses, "she had many," according to her sister. Monica occasionally worked as a waitress.

The ordeal of this family began on July 21. Monica's mother sent her daughter a message explaining that she was having surgery. She had no answer, which surprised her a lot. «We did not report it right away because it was usual for my sister to leave home for four or five days. At first we thought that she would return immediately, "explains María Jesús.

They began to worry when, at the beginning of August, a friend taught María Jesús how to see on WhatsApp the last day that Mónica had connected. The date was July 21. «Here I already saw that something was happening. My sister is very active on social media. He is on WhatsApp all the time. In addition, she did not post anything on Facebook since July 18 », she explains. On August 10, Monica's family reported her disappearance to the Mossos d'Esquadra.

The police immediately opened an investigation and called Monica's entourage to question. Especially her friends and the last couples she had had.

According to the family, Mónica's “half-boyfriend” reportedly declared that he was with her all morning on July 21 in La Morera del Montsant, where he lives. At two in the afternoon, he accompanied her to the bus stop – which one has not been revealed – because Mónica had met a friend to eat in Reus.

For her part, the friend in question assures that two days before the disappearance, on July 19, Mónica sent her a message telling her that "they would take her by car to Reus", since she did not have a vehicle at that time, because it was broken. "Her friend sent her WhatsApp and called her, but Mónica no longer answered," explains María Jesús.

almost hopeless

The family is convinced that something has happened to Monica. "Both we and the police rule out that it is a voluntary disappearance," explains the sister. The reasons for her conviction is that, during these four months, there has been no bank movement on her card. In addition, Mónica needs Ventolin for the asthma that she suffers from and medication for an arrhythmia that she was recently diagnosed with. "There are no movements on her health card either," explains the sister, who adds that "Monica had plans. She worked that weekend, for example ».

The family is in a sin of living. «My nephew – Mónica's son – does not even leave his room, thinking about what will have happened to his mother. We do not know what to do. We are losing hope of finding it, "explains María Jesús. Monica is 1.70 cm tall, slim, brunette, has long hair with a shaved side, and half-brown, half-green eyes. As a characteristic of her, she has a scar on her lip. The family desperately asks for citizen collaboration to find her.

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