Minister Escrivá promises to evaluate the situation of Social Security in Tarragona and opens the possibility of attending by videoconference

José Luis Escrivá, Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration is on an official visit to Tarragona for the first time. His agenda has begun at the Col·legi de l'Advocacia de Tarragona where he gives a conference addressed to lawyers on the reform of the regulations of the Immigration Law.

Asked about the situation in the offices of the National Institute of Social Security in Tarragona, which can only be accessed with a prior appointment that must be requested online or by phone, which causes continuous complaints from users, the minister explained that precisely one of the objectives of his visit is to evaluate the situation in the demarcation. Escrivá pointed out that: «We are with a reinforcement of templates. Social Security has had a situation of almost a decade of staff freezing since 2012 and we are in a process of strengthening.

He also advanced that: “we want to complement with pilot projects that we are developing and that I think can also be extended here soon, such as using videoconferences, which is an alternative that can help in many cases. I will assess the situation today."

During the day the minister will also meet with representatives of the Fundació Gresol and with social agents and representatives of the third sector.

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