Many people and few sales in the Mercat Medieval de Tarragona

"Maybe they should make a circuit and that people can have a good time because how are you going to buy if you can't even see what's in each place," commented one of the attendees at the Mercat Medieval de la Part Alta to his wife, while they tried to make their way among the large influx of people. And the situation was not for less. People, a lot. However, the paradistas lamented that at the sales level things were "weak".

"There has been tourism and especially on Friday and today -yesterday for the reader- is when we have had more people, but in terms of sales things are quite calm," said Marisa Casaus. It is the first time that this paradista from Blanes came to the Tarragona market with her swords, shields and costume jewelry. «It is a medieval part and the other geek", He said.

Casaus is Argentine. She explains that in her country "since we don't have medieval culture, we imported it." And so many followers of weapons and other objects from this period emerged that she now sells at fairs throughout Catalonia.

Trays of mushrooms for eight euros, trinkets, sweets, pancakes, tarot readers and a long etcetera of products that you could find at the Mercat Medieval this weekend and that next weekend will be at any fair or exhibition. "We try to carry the products that best fit the theme," said Ester Garcia, who recognized that in recent times these markets have become a mixed bag where you can find everything.

Garcia went with her husband, Domingo Hernández, a cabinetmaker by profession and a dealer on weekends. For this reason, she knows very well the different woods and the hours of work behind each one of the pieces. Price competition is fierce in this sector. For this reason, this couple lamented that “it is becoming more and more difficult for us to come to fairs like this, because they are very expensive. We should all be able to earn a living."

And, if the Medieval Market was not enough, at twelve noon it coincided with a Meeting of Giants from the Pla de la Seu and the public that entered the Cathedral. So the public was guaranteed.

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