Manifesto against the "invasion of macro-parks" of renewables

City councils, agricultural cooperatives and irrigation communities of Garrigues Altes and Ribera d'Ebre yesterday signed a manifesto in Granadella expressing their "concern" about the "massive landing of large wind and solar projects by large speculative electricity companies » in these counties. They reject that they occupy agricultural areas and consider "misappropriation of public money" to disable irrigated land where the Administration has invested a lot of money with new irrigation projects. They emphasize that they are not opposed to the implementation of renewables but ask for an "orderly and equitable deployment throughout the Catalan territory" and are committed to a model based on self-consumption facilities.

The signing of the 'Garrigues Altes' manifesto took place at the 1 de Octubre civic center in Granadella. The mayors of Flix, Bovera, Granadella, Bellaguarda, Torms, Juncosa, Palma de Ebro, Albagés and Soleràs signed the text; the presidents of the agricultural cooperatives of Bovera, La Granadella, Bellaguarda, los Torms, Juncosa and Flix, and the presidents of the irrigation communities of Garrigues Sud, Segrià Sud and Segarra-Garrigues. However, some of these representatives were unable to attend the meeting and will sign the document in the coming days.

The signatories are aware that the country must move towards the substitution of fossil fuels for renewable energy sources, but they demand that the deployment be done in an "orderly and equitable manner throughout the Catalan territory" and, above all, "they are very careful with areas with a high rate of depopulation. "The concentration of macro-parks in Catalunya Sud leads us directly to the disappearance as peoples and as a territory," they warn.

Among the initiatives that will be launched is the creation of a legal advice fund to defend the interests of the populations they represent "against the large speculative companies that want to establish these macro-parks, thinking only of their own profitability."

The document asks the Government of the Generalitat to watch over "the general interests of the territory, while applying formulas of positive discrimination in the rural world", and urges it to "plan, organize and regulate the occupation of agricultural land in the face of macroprojects" and "preserve the business fabric that exists in the territory". “It must help the peasants to be able to cultivate their land, while developing the agrarian mosaic, so necessary to prevent the spread of fires,” adds the manifesto.

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