Josema is looking for a companion

In his official debut, Josema shared demarcation with Alex Quintanilla. Both completed two games against Amorebieta and Eldense, before being injured by a fibrillar injury in the left quadriceps. A problem that the Basque defender has dragged on for three weeks and that makes them doubtful for the next league game, on Saturday at 5:00 p.m., against SD Logroñés. Last week Quintanilla assured at a press conference that his injury was following the set times, but no date was set for his return. He only ruled out his presence against Numancia. Seven days later, the footballer has already trained with the group, but his presence is not guaranteed.

Marc Trilles has a sprain in the external ligament of his left ankle and will be absent

The one who will surely not be is Trilles. The central defender from Castellón was injured in the match against Numancia. Raül Agné relieved him at the break due to a sprained external ligament in his left ankle. An annoyance that had already incapacitated him a few weeks ago and that necessity made him force himself. A risk that has ended with the loss of the player. Trilles will have to stop for a period of between two and four weeks.

Dismissed from Castellón, the alternative to Alex Quintanilla is Pol Domingo. The youth squad already occupied that place along with Josema against Numancia, as a substitute for Trilles. Nor was it the first time that he played central. Although it is not his natural position, he has occupied it on several occasions. This year, he also did it against Murcia in the final minutes. In the same way, for the physical problems of Trilles. Last season Pol Domingo held that position in several games. They were not the best matches for the one from Pobla de Montornés, misplaced in a position in which he is very exposed.

There remains an option, something more remote. The one to go to the subsidiary in search of the defender who can accompany Josema. In this complicated case, Iván De la Peña would be the one with the most chances of 'promotion'. The son of the former Barça and Espanyol soccer player has been summoned eight times this year, he was on the previous day, although without making his official debut. He did do it in the preseason and the Catalunya Cup, but his turn in the league competition has not yet come. For now, he is one of the reserve team players who are integrated into the group dynamics of the first team.

Second 'match-ball' for Agné

If Quintanilla arrives, he has all the numbers to be the chosen one. If not, Pol Domingo would enter his place. And in a remote case, if Agné decided to keep the youth squad on the right side to the detriment of Tirlea, Iván De la Peña could have his chance. A decision and a delicate panorama. Central is one of those crucial positions in the eleven. Especially in the current situation of Nàstic. The Grana coach needs a victory to continue on the bench at the Nou Estadi -the challenge was to make 6 of 6 points and he has 3- and for this he must have the most guaranteed defense possible against a rival, SD Logroñés, who arrive at the match after destroying FC Barcelona Atlètic in Las Gaunas (4-0).

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