Jordi Caps, the magician who has conquered the jury of 'Got Talent'

The devastating effects of the pandemic left Jordi Caps (Bràfim, 1971)) unemployed, who peered into the artistic abyss, in a time of cultural desert. It was then that he made a crucial decision in his career, to enter the contest Got talentone of the most popular in the country, with extraordinary television ratings.

Caps had managed, before the coronavirus, to build a professional career around his passion; the magic. In addition to his shows, he does coaching, workshops and training. He has managed to write his name in capital letters within the scene. In fact he has performed all over the planet. Only that disaster in the form of a world virus clipped his wings. "I hit rock bottom, no one called," he recalls.

The option of going to Got talent long before, although an encounter with Risto Mejide stopped him. «I met him in a hotel for which he acted in Andorra. I've done shows for him on a few occasions. I asked him if he would welcome my introduction and the answer was; you don't need it."

impromptu show

Caps is distinguished by his improvised magic shows and with that premise he went to the Telecinco contest. "I didn't have anything prepared, imagine the tension," he recalls. The artist adapts to each moment and each circumstance to elaborate his tricks and in Got talent reaffirms that "three minutes before I had no idea what to do."

His capacity for surprise was so great that he amazed the jury and even won two gold passes, Risto Mejide's and Paula Echevarría's. That also gives you the option to compete in the semifinal on the 22nd.

For his part, Mejide was completely stopped when he saw him appear on stage. "They do not know at any time what contestants there are and he did not know at all that I was going to be there," explains Jordi.

The performance in the program is far from any formality. The demand of the moment caused nerves in the illusionist. «The stage pressure is brutal. A theater full of people, many cameras and five people evaluating every detail.

Despite this difficulty, the passage through Got talent has fueled his journey. He returns to enjoy his profession to the fullest. “The popularity of such a program is very great. Of course it has helped me a lot." Gone are the days of sorrow and loneliness of the coronavirus. In the past, the television experience has become a wise decision. "As an experience, I consider it very positive in every way."

Jordi Caps' artistic background reaffirms the quality of his shows. He has been contacted from all over the world, he has stepped on the most eccentric stages and has managed to surprise audiences of all formats. His magic remains more current than ever. Of course, he has one wish to fulfill, a thorn that he has not yet managed to get rid of. He has never shown his show at home, in Tarragona, something that surprises him and even causes him some sadness. «I have performed magic all over the world and I have never done it in Tarragona. At least it's curious and not because I don't want to. I'd love to". In this case, the saying "nobody is a prophet in his land" is strictly fulfilled.

Yes, he thanks the collaboration that he has always received from the Diputació. “When I was very screwed up at the time of the coronavirus, they helped me a lot and I always have to be grateful for that,” he claims. Now, the spotlight is pointed at him with fluorescent lights. Got talent awaits you again and your creative ability wants more recognition.

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