Javier Bonilla and Andrei Lupu threaten their past

Javier Bonilla and Andrei Lupu's eyes light up when they are told about Numancia. In that club they have lived unique moments that have left their mark. Both defend the colors of Nàstic today and on Saturday there will be no friends because the position of their coach, Raül Agné, is at stake. However, nothing takes away from the fact that this match is very special for both of them and they have it marked in red.

Bonilla is from Soria by birth. Numancia is the club he loves and he has never hidden the devotion he feels for a shield that distance has never separated him from. He follows him longingly and enjoys his successes and suffers from his failures. It is not only his hometown club but also the first one he had a chance at. There he trained and became a footballer. He enjoyed the Second Division for five seasons. The Celta-Numancia of February 7, 2011 does not leave his head because it was the game in which he made his debut in professional football.

After those five years in his beloved Numancia he left and made a hole for himself in bronze football. His left foot unleashed havoc and allowed him to experience promotion with Mallorca at the happiest moment of his career at a collective level. He is now the longest-serving footballer in the Nàstic squad. He is fourth year in Tarragona and is one of the players most loved by all. He always starts from a secondary role, but his left foot makes its way because he hits like few others.

Everything points to the fact that on Saturday he will have to live the opening match from the band. On that bench that he lately occupies to his bitterness. Because Bonilla is one of those who smiles in the green. Of course, he probably has minutes in the second half because he is a resource that Agné does trust when he needs something different from the team.

Lupu's situation and history with Numancia is different. The striker arrived last year in the winter market at Numancia on loan from Nàstic. Agné wanted him for the second round, but he could not be registered due to a legal limitation, since a player who had already been discharged from the federation in the same season cannot be registered. Thus, Lupu went to Soria with the aim of helping the people of Soria to achieve promotion to the First RFEF. If the Romanian has something, it is that shield that he defends, a hobby that loves him.

In the Nou Estadi it is like that and in Los Pajaritos it was too. From the first day he left his skin in the green and scored nine goals in half a season that were key to making promotion a reality. Lupu was key for Numancia to be at the Nou Estadi on Saturday. Football has those things.

His performance was such that from the Soriana entity they tried to sign him, but Nàstic closed on the wing. Agné considered him capital in his plans and made it clear to him from day one.

The doors of Soria were closed to her and Lupu remained in a Tarragona where she is also very happy. A double fracture of the jaw in preseason had him in the dry dock for several weeks, but two games ago he returned and against Real Sociedad he already had 20 minutes in which he even had a stick.

Against Numancia he could debut as a starter this season in an official match. He enters the cabal because Agné is going to die with his family and Andrei Lupu is one of the players who most appreciates the trust received from the Mequinenza coach. He and Bonilla face their past with their coach's future at stake.

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