It's so hard for us to forget you

One of the many emblematic songs of Mecano reads «Ay, how heavy, how heavy, always thinking about the past». The lyrics allude to broken love, but can be applied to life in general. Always looking back is not only inconvenient but deeply boring. Almost always. Because sometimes, just sometimes, diving into longing is so much fun. That is exactly what happened on Saturday night at the Tarraco Arena. The musical 'Cross of Navajas. Mecano musical experience' took the audience on a nostalgic trip.

Nostalgia, for example, of a few years, the 80s, in which the lyrics of the songs could be politically incorrect without the Holy Inquisition of the networks harassing the singers. Some networks that do not understand that everything must be put in its context and that past times cannot be judged with today's mentality.

Nostalgia for some lyrics that could be good, regular, bad or unspeakable, but at least they were understood and they weren't unintelligible verses from some stars of today. And yes, I am referring to Rosalía and Chanel.

Nostalgia for when music was music and not some loose chord in the middle of a pounding autotune. And nostalgia for when the unbearable reggaeton was not so fashionable. Are hyper-machista reggaeton lyrics permissible and certain lyrics from the 80s are not?

The said. 'Cruz de Navaja' took an audience in their forties and fifties back in time, but it also made them have fun. There was a connection with the trio of singers from the first moment. The vocalist once made a mistake when citing Badalona instead of Tarragona, a perfectly forgivable mistake when one is on tour. A small mistake that he made himself forgive by later repeating "Tarragona" up to half a dozen times.

The concert was not an imitation of Mecano but a reinterpretation. The two vocalists and the singer rescued Ana Torroja in her own style. The romantic Stay in Madrid sung a cappella opened the concert sponsored by Turismo de Tenerife and which coincides with the 20th anniversary of Kiss FM.

They could be heard, among other songs, Today I can not get up, Heroes of Antarctica, The lovers, I want to be with you, The positive ruling, Air, The force of destiny, September 7 either There is no party in New York.

The melodies were accompanied by images on a giant screen and escorted by an excellent dance team. But for dance, the one that the public remembered when they went out for drinks after a concert. Today, at least most of them, after the concert, have a quiet dinner and go to sleep, since age no longer forgives almost anyone.

One of the most emotional moments of the concert took place, however, with a song that was not by Mecano. After a pacifist speech, the singer sang the Imagine by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The square was illuminated by mobile flashlights. Goosebumps.

a rose is a rose (performed by the singer Noelia la Negri), Eugenio Salvador Dalí, It is so hard for me to forget you, Cross of Razors, Woman against woman, Makeup... completed the tribute to the most posh and mature Mecano. A tribute that was also to nostalgia. Of the good times.

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