Inauguration of the new building of the L'Agulla School Institute and the Catllar Municipal School of Music

The Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambray, has participated today in the inauguration of the new building of the L'Agulla School Institute, in El Catllar, together with the mayor of the municipality, Joan Morlà.

The facility also houses the Municipal School of Music, thanks to an agreement between the Department of Education and the City Council. The Minister of Education has highlighted that it is an "impressive" facility and has praised the synergies between both administrations to identify the educational needs of the municipality and end up sharing the uses of the building with a joint vision.

The Minister of Education and the mayor have unveiled the inaugural plaque of the new building, have attended an audition of the students of the center and have made the official parliaments. The head of Education has stressed that "buildings are important, but the most important of all are the people who live together."

The construction of the new building has become a reality thanks to the signing, in May 2019, of a collaboration agreement between the Department of Education and the City Council of El Catllar. The maximum amount foreseen for the agreement was more than 1.9 million euros, of which the Department contributed a maximum amount of 750,000 euros.

The center is a School Institute since the 2015-16 academic year, which allowed the continuity of the students in the municipality (until then they had to travel to Los Pallaresos to attend ESO). To deepen the concept of the School Institute, in the new classrooms there are groups of very different levels, so that older and younger students share spaces as equals.

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