In the urbanizations of Castellvell "we have not received letters for months"

The more than 340 mailboxes concentrated in the accesses to Castellmoster, La Flor del Camp and Arboceres - Castellvell del Camp urbanizations - are full of advertising, but not a single letter. The residents of this area claim not to receive correspondence since last July and have already suffered the consequences: surcharges on fines that "we have not even seen", this being just one example. Thus, they demand a solution "at once" and that "Post Office do its job."

Why they are in this situation is a host of issues. On the one hand, the mailboxes of three urbanizations are all located together in a joint mail point located in the access street. "They do not keep any order, neither by streets nor by urbanization, because, in their day, the mailboxes were awarded in order of arrival of the neighbors," they describe. They understand that the starting point is complex, but here another question is added: “The high turnover of postmen. A new person arrives and after two months they have already changed. And so on constantly, so that none of them ends up adapting and, instead of spending time looking for the corresponding mailbox, they choose to return the letters». They say it with great indignation, and it is that the consequences in administrative matters have already been suffered in the first person.

As they explain, this "chaos" began to occur when the previous portfolio retired. "She had it all figured out and it worked perfectly. She had even posted a list with all the mailbox numbers and her relationships in case there was any doubt, to be able to consult », they remember. But since her retirement, they report that the service has been deteriorating "and in the last four months, we have not directly received a single letter."

Asked Correos about this issue, the company points out that "the vast majority of lockers in these mailboxes do not meet the conditions to be able to deposit the mail with the necessary guarantees." The neighbors show a letter from the Post Office of May 2022 where it is requested that the correspondence be identified, also, with the mailbox number, to which they respond: «It is a non-existent field. You can only indicate it on the DNI, but in no other position: neither in the General Directorate of Traffic, nor in the Social Security, nor the Treasury... And then, what do we do?

Despite this, Correos indicates that "the mail cannot be deposited if the recipient's data does not match the data in the box in the shipments" due to the management and treatment of the General Data Protection Regulation. Sources consulted from the company recall that Correos already held a meeting with the Castellvell del Camp City Council last February in which "it was reported that a communication would be made to the residents of the aforementioned urbanizations so that they could put the day and solve the deficiencies of their lockers in the concentrated mailboxes and a deadline until September was given ».

The same sources indicate that, subsequently, a Shipping throughout the neighborhood "but few made the changes." "Thus, as of September, as indicated, they began to return shipments that do not have an updated address and, therefore, do not have a correct address," they admit from the company.

The neighbors are astonished at the situation: «We have to dial the mailbox number, but there is no field to enter it. If we don't do this, which we can't do, the postman returns the letters... », stupefied summary.

For his part, the mayor of Castellvell del Camp, Josep M. Sabaté, reports that the Post Office "has not been working properly in the municipality for many years." He admits that, indeed, the Castellmoster area is the one with the greatest problems. In addition, he points out that the person who would be in charge of this area is a support person and “it is different every two weeks”, which does not help.

What Correos indicated in the letter sent to the neighbors is that the concentrated multi-home mailboxes (BCP) had to be numbered "correlatively from top to bottom and from left to right, ordered by streets and homes." On his side, the mayor states that at the municipal level "the only thing we can do is try to facilitate work" and improve the distribution of mailboxes. Thus, for example, the idea of ​​the council would be to place "visible plates with different colors for each urbanization", with this facilitating purpose.

Low staff minimum

Regarding home delivery, the affected neighbors point out that they cannot access it because "we are scattered, not an urban nucleus", which makes it impossible to have the mailbox at the door of each house. Some say that, however, when buying online "I indicate to avoid being managed by the Post Office." He says that this way, at least the packages arrive directly at his house and he doesn't lose anything along the way, as happens now with any letter.

The lack of personnel is an issue that the Correos employees themselves have been denouncing for some time. “A saving that ends up deteriorating the service”, exclaims the general secretary of the CGT of Correos in Tarragona, Pau Pastor.

In the specific case of the urbanizations of Castellmoster, La Flor del Camp and Arboceres, in Castellvell, Pastor points out, on the one hand, the peculiarities that small nuclei can have compared to a city, which can lead to some difficulties. Beyond this note, it does indicate the worrying lack of relief.

As they have repeatedly denounced, if a colleague is missing, the areas that he covers have to be taken over by another postman who, in turn, is already in charge of "many areas". Also, many are interim, working for a couple of months and then going back into the stock market. Thus, the destination of these employees is very changeable.

A right

According to Pastor, the company "does not give an answer." Yes, they have held a meeting, but "they only say that, since the correspondence varies by month, they adapt the template depending on the volume." The workers have already carried out several days of strike in recent months and, now, they are already organizing a new mobilization: for November 28, in the Black Friday campaign. It will be national.

Letters are increasingly residual: handwritten letters are no longer written and receipts and invoices are less and less frequent, although there are still people who prefer paper than digital to make it easier to control expenses. Instead, what has grown is parcel delivery and, above all, on special dates such as Black Friday.

However, and according to Law 43/2010, of December 30, on the universal postal service, the rights of users and the postal market, the "universal quality postal service, permanently, throughout the national territory and affordable prices" is included as a right and the effective provision "must respond to the principles of social and territorial cohesion".

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