Idiada workers start strikes to demand more safety and salary measures

The workers of Applus Idiada, in Santa Oliva, began a strike at five in the morning on Monday to demand a review of wages and greater security measures.

The staff argues the effort made in the last decade and especially during the pandemic when there were two Ertos and they also had to double shifts because many employees left the company.

The workers point out that the company would breach agreements signed a little over a year ago.

The strike is called by the UGT and the objective is to repeat it on October 24 and 31 if the company does not accept the demands.


This Monday some 200 workers have gathered at the gates of the facilities. According to ACN, they have also tried to prevent the entry of employees who wanted to work. Finally, access to these twenty employees has been allowed.

UGT assures that the strike has a majority following among the 1,600 employees. The buses that arrive from Barcelona with workers did so empty this Monday.

They explain that the company undertook to review the security measures and "pay an economic bonus to compensate for aspects that could be resolved." The union representatives explain that a good part of the workforce is exposed "to a lot of danger".


Idiada is a car research center where different brands test their models from speed to braking, safety and control. The representatives of the workers argue the risk in the speed tests and of those who are in the development of electric vehicles.

They add that 60% of the personnel who need to wear a helmet work without it because there is not enough for everyone.

In economic matters, the workers denounce that the April 2021 agreement to review the salary categories was stopped by a unilateral decision of the company, “after the Labor Court determined that the first cases reviewed deserved an increase in category and salary.”

He explains that in Idiada there are engineers who earn 26,000 euros gross per year, which causes 200 people to leave each year "for economic reasons or stress due to workload." And there are hundreds of workers who are paid just what the metal agreement establishes.

The unions ask for a distribution of profits among the workers, after the company has indicated an increase of 10% more than expected.

Iiada points out that negotiations are open. This Tuesday there is a meeting between the parties in the Department of Labor of the Generalitat.

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