«I saw that he made sudden maneuvers and eses. We didn't have time to react."

"The driver had lost control of the vehicle and he didn't give us time to do anything." This is how Lidia, the cyclist who in 2016 was run over in Vilabella by a driver who fled and who, in addition, had her license withdrawn, said in tears yesterday during the trial. In the accident, her partner, Marta, lost her life. Six years later, the case was seen yesterday in the Criminal Court 4 of Tarragona. It was a long session, more than six hours. The defendant faces four years in prison and six years of withdrawal of the license for a crime of homicide and another of injuries due to recklessness, and four more in prison for omission of the duty of relief.

Lidia took the podium apparently serene. But as his statement progressed, tears began to flow as he recalled those terrible moments, not only because he suffered serious leg injuries, but because he lost his partner, with whom he lived, despite the claims of the insurance company. of the vehicle to try to prove that they were not.

On the morning of December 12, 2016, the two women left their house, on Roma Avenue, in Tarragona, to ride a bicycle, as they often did. After passing through L'Arrabassada –where they had breakfast–, they headed for the TP-2031 road towards Santes Creus. "There we stopped to celebrate that we had arrived and we took pictures," said Lidia. They returned home on the same road "in a row and close to the shoulder", without much traffic.

Upon reaching kilometer point 19 «I saw a car that made a sudden maneuver and esses. It was about 20 meters away”, in a completely straight section and it was coming in the opposite direction. "He didn't give us time to do anything," he said. The next thing he remembers is that «I was in the ditch and I only saw the ground, only half a meter in front of me. I could not move. He called her all the time –Marta–, but she didn't receive an answer». The stage is limited to 90 "but I sure wasn't going at this speed." The responsible car fled and the Mossos arrested the driver two hours later in Vilabella thanks to citizen collaboration.

The defendant, who had his license withdrawn, faces eight years in prison.

After several minutes, Lidia managed to move a little and pick up her cell phone to call 112. It was 1:16 p.m.: “When I was talking, a man approached me and picked up the phone. And he kept talking. It was a driver who stopped to help them. Lidia learned that her partner had died before she entered the operating room at the Joan XXIII Hospital – where she was evacuated by helicopter. She has undergone two surgeries, rehabilitation and psychological treatment. Since the day of the accident she has not been on a bicycle again. She can't run either "because my leg hurts."

Both worked at the DOW company. She returned to her position after five months, "but last year I voluntarily left the job because it has changed my life." The two met while working for the company. It was September 2014, when Marta started to do an internship. By then the two were married and later divorced. They began to live together in April 2015, although she admits that they were never registered as a de facto couple. They lived with Marta's daughter when she had custody. A month before the accident they talked about buying a flat – they lived in a rented one.

The next to testify were Marta's parents, who confirmed that the two were a couple. Her father recalled that Marta asked her if she could guarantee the purchase of the apartment: "We love Lidia as if she were part of the family." The accident changed their lives. Marta's twin sister separated from her "because she was very sad." Her mother recalled a phrase that her daughter had told her five days before the attack: “I am the happiest woman in the world. I have a job that I like, the woman I love and they have given me joint custody of my daughter.

During the trial, the Mossos who attended the accident testified. They recalled that they took the detainee to the place and asked to stand next to the corpse to cry and pray. Another witness who stopped to help the victims said that Marta was alive, that she performed CPR on her because she was breathing.

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