Hogares Familiares de Reus manages to touch the hundred donations to rehabilitate the flats of the Star

"An empty house helps no one." This is the conclusion always reached by the president of the social housing cooperative Llars Familiars, Pep Moreno, when he speaks of the housing emergency that exists in the city and in the territory. From the entity they watch over the families that have been left without opportunities to opt for a home. Together with the members that are part of it, Moreno launched this September a rehabilitation project for five flats located at number 4 Carrer de l'Estel, in the Carme neighbourhood.

The project, baptized as 'Rehabilitem l'Estel', is aimed at families excluded from the real estate market and who need more affordable “and fair” rents. The overall budget for the rehabilitation of the flats represents an investment of 520,000 euros: of the total, 80,000 were assumed by the City Council through a grant requested by Llars Familiars and 90,000 were requested from the Generalitat through European funds.

The non-profit cooperative seeks to finance part of the project with a donation campaign. They request "60,000 as a minimum, although the optimum would be 100,000 euros." For this, the web portal https://estel.coop57.coop is enabled. The deadline for collection is November 15 of this year and "the rest of the amount that we would lack is covered by a credit from Coop57." "We hope that the donation campaign has enough muscles to finally grant us the credit," expects the representative of Llars Familiars. For now, they have managed to obtain 96 donations and 25,090 euros, according to the project's website, which is being updated.

«The properties, which will be energetically sustainable, will be transferred under the regime of transfer of use of the families. As they benefit from the help of the City Council, the housing applicants, within the framework of the 'Rehabilitem l'Estel' project, will be placed on the waiting list of the Reus Municipal Housing Fund", highlights Moreno, who points out that the rehabilitation "will revitalize the area of ​​the Carme neighborhood, too." Since 2015, Llars Familiars has been providing housing opportunities to vulnerable families of different structures (large families, single parents, etc.). To date, the entity has a total of 17 homes, some of which are not their property and thanks to agreements with other entities or corporations, they can make it available to people who need it.

The most common profile

"The situation of many people has been aggravated by the economic crises of recent years and single-parent families with mothers in charge of one or more children abound," says the president of Llars Familiars. An example is the case of MC (31), who, in order to tell about her situation, has preferred to keep her identity anonymous. She is a mother in a single-parent family and has a part-time job.

«I take care of a person with a disability and I have been waiting to qualify for a social rental for two years. The mere fact of working for hours and the salary that I currently have left does not allow me to leave with my son and pay for a house on my own, be it mortgage or rent », says the woman, who is now living in the house of the parents of she.

“During the pandemic everything was quite complicated. If I was discharged because I had contracted the virus, they fired me and had to go through a selection process again, with no guarantees," the woman details. MC works four hours a day and the schedule adapts to his routine, with which he manages to reconcile personal and professional life: «It allows me to spend time with my son, something that parenting also requires, we have to invest time in our children, because necessary".

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