Help of 95% of the IBI to those under 40 who buy a house in the old town of Valls

All people under the age of 40, both from Vallenca and from outside the city, who buy a home in the historic center will receive a subsidy of 95 percent of the IBI until they reach that age.

It is a measure presented today Wednesday by the mayor, Dolors Farré, to reverse the situation of an area, which since the late 1980s and early 1990s has seen how it has gradually lost inhabitants, with the consequent abandonment of homes. Only in Valls live 5,600 inhabitants between 20 and 40 years old.

This new line of subsidy will begin to materialize from next January 1. From that date, people who buy a property can ask the City Council for the subsidy, which will be sent to them the following year.

“It is aimed at young people and young families to facilitate and encourage new neighbors and families in the historic center. We want a rejuvenation of the population”, commented the mayor.

Currently, the old quarter –limited by the overturning of the walls– has 3,700 inhabitants and there are 1,070 buildings, which occupy thirteen hectares. The number of empty houses is unknown.

Farré stressed that it is a far-reaching measure: «The beneficiaries will not only receive it for one year but until they turn 40. It is an age range that includes people who want to emancipate themselves, live as a couple or start a family» . He assured that they take this measure with the conviction of being able to repopulate the old town "to reverse the trend of abandonment".

And he recalled that in recent years, the City Council had opted for facilities and services in this area, "which we must continue to do so", such as the Museu Casteller, Ca Padró and the Espai Jove which, together with the library, close the ring cultural and civic in a radius of about 150 meters. In addition, as he recalled, there is also the opening of public spaces, as is being done in the wall of Sant Antoni and in a few months it will begin in Sant Francesc.

But in addition, the mayor stressed, “we are creating conditions with the housing offer. In this sense, the City Council is in talks with the Catalan Land Institute (Incasòl) to have more housing in the historic center.

Dolors Farré commented that this IBI subsidy is added to other tax incentives. The construction tax has a bonus of 95% in the works and licenses of the historic center. In addition, the ICIO is discounted at 95 percent since 2018.

the revitalization

Sònia Roca, councilor for the Historic Center, assured that the historic center is currently being revitalized. And she provided some figures, such as since 2018, 46 buildings have been rehabilitated.

If in that year the City Council allocated 25,000 euros, last year it was 70,000, a figure that has been repeated this year. And facing the next one is looking at the municipal budgets. He also commented that there are promotions, "larger or smaller" around Forn Nou, Peixateria, Sant Antoni and Pati.

Finally, Bàrbara Flores, Councilor for Civic Action and Youth, commented that this subsidy will go very well for emancipation because "accessing a home is one of the things that most concerns young people."

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