Full and unrestricted cemeteries after two years of pandemic

The traditional visit to loved ones buried in the cemetery on Tots Sants day was once again the same as before the pandemic. Without the capacity restrictions of 2020 or the obligation to wear a mask of 2021, thousands of Tarragona people approached the cemeteries of their municipalities to bring flowers and fix the tombstones of their deceased relatives. As a peculiarity of this year, although it is repeated whenever November 1 falls on a bridge, the cemeteries have had a lot of influx since the beginning of last week, as many people have taken advantage of the weekend and even Tuesday to go out and go vacation.

At 10 in the morning of a hot Day of the Dead, in the Municipal Cementiri of Tarragona there was already quite a lot of movement, although it was not until noon when it was full. Carlos Hernández, in charge of the cemetery, explained that “since Monday, quite a few people have come every day”, and calculated that the influx has been between 400 or 600 people per day, except yesterday, when about 4,000 came.

Reus dedicated a special memory to Xavier Amorós, an illustrious son who died last July

In one of the alleys of the cemetery protected by the shade, Teresa Rodríguez and Miquel Ibáñez observed one of the niches. "We have come to see my brother, my husband's mother, my grandparents and other relatives that we have here," the woman commented. Eva Rico arrived on the main street, on her way to see the graves of her parents, grandparents, uncles and friends of hers. “I come every year by tradition, and there are many that are lost, but this one will never be lost because it is about visiting your loved ones who are no longer there,” she assured.

Sitting on a bench in front of a niche, Isabel Valencia kept her late husband company. "I come every Sunday, and for Tots Sants too," said the 70-year-old woman, who showed the tombstone of her husband with the Santo Cristo de la Paz de Cheles, the town of Isabel in the province of Badajoz. “My husband was from Jaén, but he really liked my town and Santo Cristo,” she concluded.

Tributes and grieving spaces

For its part, the Reus cemetery yesterday launched two new spaces for accompaniment to mourning and to say goodbye. The first is a symbolic place dedicated to the memory of babies who died during pregnancy or shortly after birth and is located near the oldest cypresses in the area, decorated with butterfly wings. It will soon be complemented by the fitting out, in the entrance hall of the municipal crematorium, of a atrium of memory. The second space that has been incorporated is a more intimate area where ceremonies can be held inside the cemetery, in the old structure of General Prim's mausoleum.

Also yesterday the traditional offering was made in the pantheon of the Fills Il lustres as a tribute to all the people who are buried in the Reus cemetery. As a special memory of Xavier Amorós, an illustrious son who died a few months ago, the municipal delegation deposited a rose in his memory.

Around 4,000 people passed through the cemetery of the city of Tarragona yesterday

In Tortosa the cemetery looked more beautiful than ever yesterday, well cared for and with numerous flowers planted along the promenade. It is a facility of considerable size, at the top of the city, and which has an important artistic heritage. Many people from Tortosa came yesterday to remember their loved ones and leave flowers or keep the niches clean. “Today and Christmas Day are sad days. You remember them every day, but these two days more », explained Paquita and Josep before leaving some flowers.

The niche of María Griñó, mother of General Ramon Cabrera, also shone with flowers. Tortosa City Council installed a plaque in memory of her last March, after an investigation by the municipal archivist and the Daily reveal where his remains were.

The radiant sunny day brought many neighbors closer throughout the day. The City Council made available a free bus service every half hour. The one in Amposta also offered the bus service throughout the morning and afternoon, until 8:00 p.m. In the case of Deltebre, the City Council has recently carried out different actions to improve and maintain the facilities. One of them is the premiere of a new space in memory of all the people who have lost their lives due to the Covid pandemic. It has also been painted, walls in poor condition have been replaced, green areas improved and LED lighting installed.

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