Five notes left by the season of the resumption of the castells

Final point in the postcovid castle season. After two years of unemployment due to the pandemic, the human towers returned with many unanswered questions. Without knowing how people would respond, which children would be counted or if the level would be the same as in 2019. We can already conclusively affirm that it has exceeded all expectations. It is a year that we can divide in different ways, and that can be counted on five different sections that have been resolved during the course. We have reviewed all this, speaking with the president of the Coordinadira de Colles Castelleres, Joan Ibarra.


Few expected that the extra range would once again be the undisputed protagonist, that the 10-man towers would return to squares and that a new barrier would be broken in the world of human towers. The predictions and theories were dismantled at the beginning of July when the Castellers de Vilafranca unloaded the pd8fm in the Pla de la Seu in Tarragona. From there, the ban on the extra range was reopened, which would not be stopped until now, in November. The president of the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya, Joan Ibarra, recognized that "if in January they had told us that we would see everything we have done, we would not have believed it." And it is that an unprecedented castle has also been achieved; the pd9fmp, and another one was also tried that had only been uploaded in 2019; the 3d9sf.

The children have responded

The children's teams of all the human tower groups have done an admirable job getting boys and girls who had never even seen human towers to learn to climb at cruising speed, and also to surpass themselves. Everyone has broken stone, and has finished in the same direction so that the little ones would gain confidence and not be afraid after such a long stoppage, without having been able to make the natural changes that are usually made, nor having been able to teach the little by little when they enter. The group leaders, aware of all this, were already careful not to fall, they knew it was key. It is true that the smaller groups have had some problems in this regard, and they have suffered more, since they do not have as broad a social mass as the larger ones.

An uneven return

The president of the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya recognized that the number of shirts that attended the squares and rehearsals was different depending on the group. He divided it into three groups: the largest, the medium and the small. The first have been able to reach full normality, with a drop in people, but not very significant. The medium ones have had some problems, and they have gone at a slower pace than they were used to, and the small ones have had serious problems. Ibarra explained that with "these they have special attention, they have given a year of margin, and they want to see how they evolve."

True, that above all, at the beginning of the season, there was some performance that did not quite meet the minimum, such as making three human towers and a pillar. And for this reason, the Coordinator supports groups that cannot make castles of 6, but is studying the implementation of some kind of regulation to know how to act in the event that this situation continues over time in any group.

open discussions

How could it be otherwise, this season has also left some issues to be resolved. Beyond the aid to the pineapples, one of the topics that has been talked about the most is the timetables of the human tower performances. Climate change is already a reality, and this summer has been prolonged from heat wave to heat wave. This has caused that it has been put on the table if the midday hours are the most appropriate to carry out the activity, and to guarantee the safety of the castellers and castellers. Surely the answer and solution is not simple, but it is an issue that will have to be addressed.

Helping pineapples and questioning whether castles should be made where an important part of the pineapple is thanks to the support of others, has also been on the table throughout 2022.

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