First steps so that the Casa de la Fiesta de Valls can become a reality

The future Casa de la Fiesta de Valls is becoming a reality. The City Council has already announced where it will be located. It will be in six expropriated buildings, five of which are already municipal property.

In addition, a new road will be opened between Sant Oleguer and Sant Antoni streets, where these buildings are located. Mainly, it will be a ground floor facility, but other floors of the block will also be used.

Once the site has been decided, the City Council wants to start drawing up the use plan. They do not want to do it without collaboration, nor help. For this reason, the Councilor for Culture, Laia Castells, commented that they will begin between the months of November and December to carry out surveys of citizens, which will be online and at street level.

From there, work tables will also be held with entities and people from different associative fabrics. The main objective is to find a consensus, not only with the entities and all those people who are part of the cultural world, but also with other groups from different fields.

It should be noted that all this also has a pedagogical and educational intention. Once the various surveys and participation tables have been carried out, they will draw up the use plan, which they believe will be ready for spring.

The mayor, Dolors Farré, explained that "a cultural island is being created around the Blat and Oli squares." Farré stated that this was the intention, and that they want to have "a powerful cultural link, something that is being achieved."

The area that will be part of the Casa de la Fiesta will be about 300 square meters, which are currently occupying uninhabited houses, almost all in poor condition, which the consistory has been acquiring in recent years.

In this way, continuity will also be given to the road that descends from the Casteller Museum, and will link directly with Sant Antoni street. The planning of the space now occupied by the houses, in poor condition, will include, in addition to this new street, an area with trees, next to the public facility building.

It's been a few years since Valls has been talking about the Casa de la Festa. Until now, when San Juan approached, the different elements of the patrimonial procession were exhibited in the Popular Library.

It should be noted that during the pandemic it was located in the lobby of the Teatro Principal, and had also passed through the Carles Cardó Library, in the Historic Center.

For this reason, Albert Oliva, the president of the Union of Rings of the Llama (UAF), said that "it was time to have a definitive space, where the party can be known all year round." He valued very well that it is in the Old Quarter "festive space par excellence".

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