Cultivate to become aware of our body

Have you ever considered using organic farming as a means to become aware of the body and mind? If the answer is negative, they have the opportunity to experience this sensation in the therapeutic social garden workshop that takes place in the Hort de la Sínia, in Altafulla. There, the person in charge of this intoxicating space, Joan Vives, not only makes use of organic farming to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but also helps discover aromatic and medicinal plants, and makes those who participate in the activity forget of their obligations with previous body awareness exercises.

It has been 30 years since Joan Vives decided to get away from the rush of the clock and immersed himself in the creation of the Hort de la Sínia, an environmental education center dedicated to disseminating organic production and food. One of the ways it uses is the therapeutic social garden, to which people like Nines or Dolors go every Friday to care for the cultivation of their own vegetables. But before that "we prepare", explains Joan: "We do some meditation, relaxation and visualization to connect our energy with the environment we are in." Then, when it's time to harvest the harvest, "we distribute everything and, if there are surpluses, we take them to Cáritas de Altafulla."

"I love this place, it's fantastic and allows you to enjoy nature and the song of the birds." These are the words of Nines, the veteran of the group with four years of experience. On the other hand, Dolors is the first year that she has participated in this workshop, but she knew very well what she would find: «I am from a family of farmers, but I have never had the opportunity to practice the trade. Now that I'm trying it, I love it."

Cabbage, spinach... and nettles

The therapeutic garden works throughout the year. The plantations simply adapt to the seasons. Now, Joan explains, "we are growing green leaves: spinach, chard...". But not only that. In this workshop we also "learn how to use wild plants such as nettles". A priori it is somewhat shocking, isn't it? Well, after Joan's words, this concept is going to change them: «If it is boiled, it is edible and very diuretic. With it you can make vegetable creams or infusions. In addition, macerated with water, it ferments and leaves a smell that drives away many insects.

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