Costas will provide sand in Altafulla before Easter

Altafulla will definitely have a new supply of sand on the beach before the tourist season of next Easter is officially kicked off. This is one of the agreements to which the City Council and various technicians and officials from Coasts of the States reached after the last meeting held and of which, from the Consistory, not too many details have been revealed pending, according to the Councilor for the Environment , Marisa Méndez-Vigo, «to inform all the political groups of the municipal corporation in a pertinent way».

Beyond this formalization, Méndez-Vigo advanced to Altafulla Radio and confirmed to the Diari that, apart from the contribution of sand, one of the actions that will be carried out will be to fix the promenade, very badly affected by all the storms of 2022. This action should be done before the arrival of new tourists, but the councilor did not want to advance more data in this regard.

On the other hand, in the meeting with Costas, the members of the City Council present also had an impact on taking the first steps to launch the project to improve the stretch of coastline between the Voramar park and the Canyadell beach. This is a priority project for the Consistory and, in order to carry it out, it needs plenary approval and the necessary resources to be able to draft it.

previous encounter

Prior to this meeting, fifteen days ago Altafulla already had a political meeting with the State and the Generalitat in which the same problem was addressed. At that time, this communication medium published the announcement of a contribution of sand at the beginning of the year of between 5,000 and 7,000 m3. Even so, the Councilor for the Environment did not want to reveal if this is the amount that she agreed to provide in the meeting held with Costas, nor did she specify the date on which it will take place. “On Wednesday we will communicate the agreement to all the parties. Then we will make it public », she sentenced.

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