Comamala confirms the ultimatum in Agné and points to the Nàstic players

David Comamala, sports director of Nàstic, appeared in the press room at the Nou Estadi at a delicate moment for the entity. He showed his face and confirmed the news that everyone already knew. Agné plays it in the next two games. It is already known privately, but also publicly because the man from Girona confirmed it after being asked if there was an ultimatum to the Grana coach: «Yes. It is a Council decision. If you do not reach 50% of the points in these first days. To which he added: «The Board of Directors summoned me as head of the first team to convey to me the discomfort and concern with the dynamics of the first team. We had an enriching talk, we gave each other the explanations that had to be given and it was decided to give those two margin games. Clearer, the water.

The situation is what it is and it is clear that David Comamala has always been a great defender of the figure of Raül Agné. He recommended signing him and he has fought hard for him to have one more chance, the last one. “This is professional football and this is about winning games. He did it last year and has done it in other circumstances. We are going to win the next two games, I am convinced, "said the sports director.

If Comamala still firmly believes in Agné, it is because he sees that the team is progressing in the game, even though it is having a hard time doing so in the final scores: “The team is growing and getting closer and closer to the idea of ​​the game we want. Away from home we are closer, although it is costing us a lot to get results. The score is poor and we have to improve the results immediately, "explained the highest sports official.

The situation is worrying, with Nàstic bordering on the relegation places, so the reaction must be immediate and Comamala does not shy away from this context: «The reality is that we have 9 out of 24 points, but within these processes of making a team we are three points from the playoff. We are close to everything without hiding evidence that the team has had a hard time starting.

The Nàstic squad is one of the main people responsible for the current situation. This is how a Board of Directors sees it that is deeply disappointed with the level shown by the players. This is how he was transferred to Comamala, because the team designed was to be at the top from day one. The sports director was very clear in his message when asked about how the players are going to deal with the pressure of having to score six out of six points to avoid a change on the bench: "If a Nàstic player is under pressure because he has to get six points of six, that he change his job ».

It is evidence that the new signings are not meeting the objectives in general terms and the top sports official had no qualms about admitting it: «It is true that there is a footballer who had to have an important role and who today is not your level. Everyone's job is for this footballer to perform. The will of the player is.

When asked about Dani Romera, Comamala did not hesitate to defend a striker in whom he fully trusts: «I am super happy with the Nàstic striker and I think they are ideal because of the idea of ​​the game we have. Guillermo has scored goals and is doing a spectacular job. Pablo has scored in recent weeks and is growing. Let's hope that now Lupu can contribute to us. I'm very happy with the front."

Finally, he confirmed that there is already a list of possible substitutes, something that he recognized naturally because alternatives are always being worked on: «I have been looking at possible names for six years. The responsibility of the sports director is to be up to date with the market. I can tell you that during this season I have sat down with nine or ten coaches, but it is normal and it is my responsibility.

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