Collect signatures against 15-minute parking spaces in Vila-seca

The parking spaces limited to 15 minutes that the Vila-seca City Council plans to activate at the end of this month in fifteen streets and squares is generating controversy in the municipality. A group of neighbors is collecting signatures against. His will to obtain, at least, 2,000 and present them to the Office of Citizen Services (OAC) so that the council backtracks and does not implement this measure. They consider that it will harm, above all, the residents of those areas, that "we will have to go and park far from home."

The government team maintains that this new system will favor the rotation of vehicles during business hours – starting at 8:00 p.m. it will be possible to park without a time limit. “I understand the concern it has generated, but we want to do new things to improve mobility. It will serve to make parking spaces more flexible; that people can stop and unload the purchases at home, go to do some management or dynamize the commercial axes", he recently assured the Daily the mayor, Pere Segura. Orange lines with markings with the number 15 have already been painted in the affected places.

The neighbors opposed to this initiative defend that the large commercial surfaces of the municipality already have their own parking and that "small businesses do not lose customers because they cannot park at the door of their businesses." In addition, they point out that "many neighbors ask supermarkets to bring their purchases to their homes or have parking in their buildings."

with an app

The new parking system limited to 15 minutes will work through the Parking mobile application, the same for the blue zone of Tarragona, Salou, Cambrils and Valls. The Local Police will also have a control program linked to the data recorded from the app. «What happens to older people who do not clarify with the mobile phone? How are they going to do it?” asks a neighbor.

Despite the fact that the mayor assured that there is no collection effort, one of the reasons why there are neighbors who collect signatures is the possibility that “you will be fined if you go over 15 minutes in areas where you were not previously penalized for parking ».

And they claim that, to improve mobility, public transport should be further promoted in the town “with more intercity bus frequencies. The private car would be used less and it would pollute less».

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