Caught 'red-handed' stealing from a beach bar in Salou

The Mossos d'Esquadra arrested a 19-year-old man and a minor on Saturday, October 22, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with force.

The events occurred around 2:35 am when plainclothes officers who were carrying out a robbery prevention patrol in the Llevant de Salou beach area, observed three young people who were heading to the area of ​​the beach bars.

Given this, the Mossos followed them and saw how two of the boys were hiding in a dark area by the beach, right next to the beach bar. On the other hand, the third of the young people remained in the area of ​​the promenade with a vigilant attitude.

behind some bushes

Immediately afterwards, a logotyped patrol passed through the promenade, a fact that caused the third young man, who was guarding the vicinity, to hide behind some bushes.

This action caught the attention of the agents, which is why they identified themselves as police officers and followed them to intercept the three young people who left quickly.

They lost sight of one of the detainees when he fled down Colon Street towards Montblanc Street, but another patrol intercepted him on Navarra Street.

A few minutes later, the Mossos d'Esquadra located the young man who was doing surveillance tasks on Calle Navarra, on the corner of Calle Zaragoza.

In the frisk they located about 600 euros in cash that came from the cash register of the beach bar, which had been forced and manipulated by the detainees.

For all this, the agents arrested them for the robbery with force in the establishment. The minor was released after testifying before the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office and the eldest will go to court in the next few hours before the court on duty in Tarragona.

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