Cambrils plans to have beach bars all year round

The Cambrils City Council is in talks with Costas del Estado to allow beach bars to open all year round. It will be on October 31 when the 13 new premises officially end the season but, if the request is finally accepted, several of the successful bidders could continue working during the winter months.

How could he know DailyThis permit would not apply to all the beach bars, only those that are located closest to the promenades will be able to open and that, therefore, are the ones that have the least risk of flooding or being affected by the storms that usually occur at this time of year. year.

“Some of the new entrepreneurs have asked us to be open all year. The season runs from March to October but from the council we understand that we must help the successful bidders and for this reason we have met with Costas, who is the one who has the basic competence, ”explain municipal sources.

The main problem is that the beach bars are the product of a tender and not a concession, which is when it is allowed that the stalls can be maintained on the beaches and continue offering the service. “An attempt is being made to find a formula so that it can be interpreted that, for tourist interest, the beach bars that are on a more central front line can work all year round. The condition is that it be a concession”, they affirm from the local government, who trust that the answer will be positive.

Tender for vacant lots

This week the City Council of Cambrils has put out to tender the eight lots that were deserted from the first public tender that closed last January. 13 of the 21 beach bars were awarded and now those interested are offered the opportunity to apply for one of the positions for the 2023-2026 season.

“We want these beach bars to be awarded so that powerful people manage them and consolidate the model that we have implemented this year and with which an important qualitative leap has been made,” they say from the consistory.

The technical conditions are exactly the same as in the first tender. The duration of the contract will be four years and the exploitation fee for each lot is 164,387 euros, as stated in the administrative clauses. The eight beach bars that are put out to tender are located on La Llosa beach (green area on Gladiols street), Horta de Santa Maria beach, Prat d'en Forés beach (next to the Club Nàutic), Cavet beach (green area on Calle Luis de Góngora), Esquirol beach (H. Am Meer green area) and three that are distributed on the beaches of Vilafortuny (San Marino street, Hotel Best Cambrils and Oasi Platja Strasburg street).

The technical documents specify that the cost of the beach bars, which have an area of ​​between 100 and 140 square meters, is between 147,841 and 192,430 euros. Some figures to which must be added the furniture, kitchen, cold rooms and the fees to be paid to the City Council, Generalitat and State Coasts.

Each bidder may submit a maximum of two lots and no more than three beach bars may be managed between the two tenders.

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