Cambrils manages to complete the cleaning of the Maspujols stream

Cambrils City Council has managed to respond to one of the historical demands of its neighbors, specifically, those who live in the Molí de la Torre neighborhood. For many years, both the council and residents have asked the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) to clean the Maspujols stream so that, when it rains heavily, the water falls without problems and the floods that have occurred in the last years.

After several meetings, the consistory reached a three-way agreement a few weeks ago, with the ACA and the Territorial Services in Tarragona de Costas del Estado, so that the cleaning tasks of the stream could be completed. «We mobilized because we saw the concern of the residents of Molí de la Torre. The river was very dirty and it couldn't be that way because the riverbed was very clogged, which could cause the water not to go down correctly if we had a strong storm », he explains to Daily the Councilor for Services and the Environment, Josep Maria Vallès.

As he points out, between the City Council and the Catalan body there was an "exchange of views" on the maintenance and cleaning of the streams. «The criterion of the ACA is that if the stream is urban, this task must be carried out by the consistory -as is the case with the Alforja stream- but in this case it is not like that because the Maspujols stream has an urbanized part and the other does not. Therefore, we met with them to find a solution, "says the mayor.

When this meeting took place, another problem that the municipality had was the lack of sand on the beaches as a result of the recent storms. «When we met with Costas and the ACA we told them that the estuary was dirty and that our beaches had no sand (...) A few weeks ago they told us that the two administrations had agreed that the sand extracted from the Maspujols estuary , Costas would take advantage of it to relocate it to the most needy beaches, ”he exposes.

Following this agreement, the ACA recently completed the cleaning and clearing work that had begun in June and had stopped in August. «This action has made the stream wider and in better conditions to make maintenance easier, since the passage is already done. This will prevent it from flooding. We are happy to have been able to fix this problem”, says Vallès, who clarifies what will happen to the extracted sand. “This sand will be dedicated to our beaches. The whole winter lies ahead and storms may come, so we will have a reserve of sand for our coastline for when it is needed », he concludes.

repeated request

At the beginning of September, the residents of Molí de la Torre once again asked, for the umpteenth time, that the ACA carry out the maintenance of the stream. They were tired of seeing the water stranded under the bridge that crosses the neighborhood and they feared that, in the event of a storm, the water would overflow and affect the closest houses. At this point, not only water had accumulated, but also reeds, mounds of sand, stones, and garbage that caused the neighborhood to publicly denounce the situation again.

For years the neighbors have shown their indignation at the neglect in the maintenance of the stream. For this reason, before the ACA completed the cleaning, they delivered a study to the City Council where they complained about the state of the stream so that the council could act.

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