Bureaucracy delays the construction of the planned funeral home in the TGN cemetery

The construction of the new funeral home, located inside the cemetery, is delayed a few months due to the processing. Initially, the forecast was to have it ready next year. But the development of a small partial plan by the owners, and all that this implies, has postponed its implementation. Despite this, everything seems to indicate that the new funeral home will be a reality throughout the year 2024. It is a joint project between the Fundació Hospital Sant Pau i Santa Tecla and the company Mémora, who have created a new company for the management and operation of what will be the second funeral home in the city.

In mid-2020, the Foundation – owner of the cemetery – announced the construction of a funeral home within the cemetery facilities. At the beginning of this year, the entity requested a building license from the Tarragona City Council in order to start the work. But they found that they had to prepare a small special partial plan that would justify the urban compatibility of the site where the funeral home will be built. And it is that the new equipment must have an entrance and an exit to the street.

In this case, the access road will be carried out through the side door of the cemetery. The one that opens when a large influx of people is expected, such as the day of Tots Sants. It is located just in front of the cemetery's dissuasive parking lot, on Camí del Llorito. Through this door both pedestrians and vehicles will enter, which can be parked in an underground car park, located below the new funeral home.

The architects of the Fundació Hospital got down to work and, in October, presented the partial plan to the City Council. It was not until November 2, when all the necessary documentation was delivered. And it is that in the first version an essential annex was missing to be able to carry out the environmental processing.

With the partial plan ready, now the ball is on the roof of the City Hall. The Consistory must inform the Territorial Office of Action and Environmental Assessment, so that it can issue a document that determines whether the works may entail an environmental impact or not. If everything is correct, the initial approval could take place early next year. As it is a partial plan, it will be the Comissió d'Urbanisme of the Generalitat who will have to make the final approval. With all these steps done, the Tarragona City Council will be able to give the license for the works of the funeral home to begin.

18 months

"The calendar has been delayed a few months due to the processing, but we calculate that by the end of the year the issue will have been unblocked," explains Fernando Sánchez, communication director of Mémora Serveis Funeraris del Camp SL, the company that will be in charge of managing of the new funeral home. Sánchez adds that "our forecast is to be able to build the equipment within 18 months."

The communication director of the company highlights that this funeral home will be "the most modern, and the most emblematic", and recalls that "Tarragona must be one of the few Catalan cities, in which the public administration has a monopoly in terms of services funerals". Sánchez believes that, with the new equipment, "the families' freedom of choice can be guaranteed."

€6 million

The new funeral home project will represent an investment of more than six million euros and the building will be divided into two parts. One will house the work area, five wake rooms and an oratory. In the other will be the entrance hall and a large space from where you will enjoy a distant view of the city. The building will incorporate outdoor spaces that will function as a meeting point or farewell area. The property will have a ground floor and a first floor, with a landscaped roof.

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