“Bringing the boys here is like parking them, there is no infrastructure”

A group of residents of Els Pallaresos has called a rally for tomorrow in front of the Town Hall. It is the first action they have organized to protest the installation of a CRAE (Residential Center for Educational Action) in the municipality. It is a center where, as its name indicates, children and adolescents who have a protection measure and are under the tutelage of the Generalitat will live.

The neighbors had already begun to collect signatures against the center that would be installed in a house in the town. Yesterday, in addition, they made a casserole.

Raymi Morales, one of the neighbors who participates in the organization of the protests, says that they have "nothing against" the minors who would live in the center. Her objection, she assures, has to do with the fact that the town does not have enough infrastructure to serve them “there is nothing even for the young people here, if they come they will not have places to integrate. This is a residential town, bringing them here is like parking them," she notes. In her opinion, Tarragona offers many more possibilities.

The city council, for its part, has also spoken out against the installation on its social networks and uses the same argument of the lack of infrastructure to oppose it. The mayor, Jordi Sans, says that «We believe that Els Pallaresos is not the place, we are a municipality of 5,000 inhabitants. We believe that this CRAE should be in Tarragona, where there are many more options... From the government team we believe that these types of services have to be in large towns».

Also in small municipalities

The head of the Territorial Services for Social Rights in Tarragona, Daniel Segalà, acknowledged that the reaction they have found in the municipality, and the controversy that has arisen on social networks has surprised them "we are perplexed".

The first thing, he points out, is to clarify concepts and a CRAE is a center for the protection of children and adolescents where minors live who are in an unstable family situation for which they are protected by the administration. “They are a necessary place for society; Otherwise, many of these children would be living in situations of abuse at home or in environments where there is drug trafficking », she exemplifies.

What a CRAE is not, as he has wanted to be seen on social networks, he says, is a center for troubled minors, "we categorically deny it." Nor is it a center for unaccompanied foreign minors.

Regarding whether the size of the municipality is a problem, Segalà explains that there are CRAES in smaller municipalities such as Sarral (Conca de Barberà, 1,549 inhabitants). In fact, he points out that in some small municipalities the arrival of centers of this type ends up reporting benefits because by increasing the number of children, one more line has been opened in a school and the health centers have been given more staff.

It is also tried that the residents participate and collaborate, if it is the case, in the activities organized in the municipality. In Camp de Tarragona there are 12 CRAEs with 198 beds.

He explains that the Els Pallaresos center will house the twenty children and adolescents who live in the CRAE Voramar in El Serrallo because the infrastructure is not adequate. The house in Els Pallaresos, on the other hand, is a large single-family house, with outdoor space and a swimming pool. «It is not easy to find facilities with these characteristics. We want them to be homes and to be as normalizing as possible ».

Segalà remembers that from the first moment the City Council was informed and next Thursday Intress, the entity that will be in charge of the management, will present the educational project.

As they have done in other municipalities, they will meet with the neighbors to explain the project. When the house is inaugurated, as in other locations, an open house is usually organized to meet the facilities and the residents.

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