Attack against the heritage of Tarragona with graffiti on the Pont del Diable

This weekend the Pont del Diable has suffered a vandalism attack with graffiti on the bases of the arches, which is an attack against the Historical Heritage. The Guàrdia Urbana acted quickly and identified the perpetrators of the events, all under 14 years of age and therefore not attributable.

Once the police report was made, the legal guardians of these boys and girls were contacted, who will be the ones who will have to compensate for the damage done to the heritage.

Soon the monument will be cleaned with the necessary instruments to safeguard it.

To report this type of hooliganism and attacks on heritage, anyone who wants to can contact the Urban Guard at / or by calling 977 240 345 or 092, to extend it to those responsible and act as quickly as possible.

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