Armed robbery in a Campclar supermarket

Armed robbery this morning at the Suma de Campclar supermarket. The events took place around 8:40 in the morning at the supermarket located on Rambla de Ponent. The store had only been open for a short time, when one of the clerks, who was at the register, was surprised by a man carrying a firearm.

The individual has threatened the cashier with the weapon -some witnesses claim that he was also carrying a knife-, and has taken a total of 150 euros from the cash register.

Shortly after, and alerted by those responsible for the supermarket, members of the Guàrdia Urbana de Tarragona arrived at the scene. The robber had already fled the scene. Through the video surveillance cameras of the supermarket, the agents have been able to verify that the perpetrator of the robbery was carrying a firearm, although they do not know if it is a real weapon or, on the contrary, simulated.

As he has learned the Dailythe individual would be a regular customer of the supermarket and a lifelong neighbor of the neighborhood, which, initially, would facilitate his arrest. Now it is the Mossos d'Esquadra who are investigating the events and, at this time, the autonomous police scientific unit is collecting fingerprints and other evidence in the Campclar supermarket.

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