Aragonès reaffirms his trust in Elena after Illa suggested that he dismiss her

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has reaffirmed this Wednesday his confidence in the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, after the leader of the PSC in Parliament, Salvador Illa, has suggested dismissing him after the Minister's decision to cease the until now chief commissioner of the Mossos d'Esquadra, Josep Maria Estela.

"He has my confidence, also in difficult and complex times like the current one," assured Aragonès, who also replied to Illa that the Government is clear about the orientation of security policies and has defended the autonomy of the Catalan police force.

Illa has reproached Aragonès for Elena not having given public explanations, according to him, for Estela's dismissal, and, in turn, Aragonès has reminded her that the minister has given an answer this Wednesday to the deputy of the comuns Marc Parés on this issue and that the request to appear in Parliament to explain its decision has entered.

The socialist leader has expressed his concern about the news coming from the body and has asked the president, as the supreme command of the Mossos, to take charge: "Put the needs of the country and the Mossos before your needs to maintain a very weak".

Illa himself has also criticized the previous intervention of the CUP deputy Xavier Pellicer, who sees "inconceivable in a democratic government that corporatism dictates the policies to be carried out" and who has asked for expulsions in the body.

"Either the CUP or us," Illa challenged Aragonès, who, in his turn to reply, asked the Socialists not to make politics based on exclusions and to work on decisions that are beneficial for all citizens.

Thanks to Stella

Aragonès has shown his gratitude to the former commissioner Estela and has admitted that the current situation is not the one "desired by anyone", and has also asked for respect for the now chief commissioner, Eduard Sallent.

Faced with Illa's criticism that Elena has appointed a new commissioner, the president has rejected the idea that appointing commissioners is political interference, since it is one of the powers that the Ministers of the Interior have.

«The last time you were responsible for the Department of the Interior, you appointed six commissioners. They should review their evaluation criteria," Aragonès replied to Illa.


The cupaire deputy Xavier Pellicer has accused the Mossos of falsifying statements to imprison and persecute protesters and collaborate with the National Court in anti-terrorist operations against independentistas, and has asked Aragonès not to allow the body to act as "fourth power violating the rights " from the people.

Aragonès has said that the Government is clear about the orientation of the security policy, which seeks to guarantee the rights of citizens, and has highlighted that the Mossos only raise legal questions when the alleged perpetrator of a crime can be identified and when there is harm to some agent: "Dissidence is not persecuted," he stressed.

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