Àngel Xifré will be appointed today the new delegate of the Government in Tarragona

Ángel Xifré (ERC) will be appointed today as the new delegate of the Government of the Generalitat in Tarragona. Cifra will replace Teresa Pallarès (Together), who assumed the title of the Delegation in June 2021 and who will be dismissed just today after the Junts per Catalunya march of the government of Pere Aragonès. Cifra is currently the mayor of Almoster and until now he worked as a territorial delegate for Climate Action, being a key player in the Department led by the councilor Teresa Jordà (ERC). The new representative of the Generalitat in Tarragona assured today to face the position "with great enthusiasm". He also commented on Daily that the most important thing now is "to know closely how everything is", referring to the needs of the territory.

Àngel Xifré Arroyo was born in Reus 61 years ago. Since 2004 he has been the mayor of Almoster (Baix Camp) and, yesterday, the protagonist assured this newspaper that his will is to maintain the municipal position, despite having been elected Government delegate. Between 2007 and 2011, he was also director of the Territorial Services of the Department of Innovation, Universities and Business.

Cifra has a degree in Mathematical Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​​​and a postgraduate degree in University Specialist in Citizen Participation and Communication from the Rovira i Virgili University, in addition to another postgraduate degree in Training in Immigration Studies from the University of Lleida.

ERC wanted a person who could give "immediate performance and who did not need learning time," sources from the independence formation said a few days ago. Esquerra values ​​Xifré for his "extensive experience" in the administration and for the fact that he is already part of the territorial cabinet, heading the Climate Action area.

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It is expected that today the president of the Generalitat dismisses the until now delegate of the Government in Tarragona, Teresa Pallarès, and appoints the new representative of the Generalitat. The next step will be to choose the territorial directors of the different departments that have changed their heads, as a result of the departure of Junts from the government. These designations fall into the hands of the different ministers, and not the new delegate of the Government in Tarragona.

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