An off-duty civil guard foils a robbery at the Narcís Oller de Valls institute

An off-duty Civil Guard agent prevented a robbery at the Narcís Oller institute in Valls on the night of October 29.

The policeman was walking his dog in the vicinity of the school when he observed that there was a teenager outside who was showing a strange attitude. He was wearing dark clothing, a cap, a hood and a transmitter. The individual, seeing the policeman, although he did not know that he was an agent of the authority, began to flee. He ended up being intercepted and identified by the civil guard, who also identified himself as such.

The agent observed two more people in the courtyard of the institute. They also wore dark clothing, a mask, a hood and gloves. Seeing the agent, they quickly hid. At that time, the man requested help from the Valls Local Police and the Mossos d'Esquadra.

still and calm

From outside the facilities of the educational center, the agent, after identifying himself as such, required both of them to remain still and calm inside the courtyard while he waited for the required police support to arrive.

Upon the arrival of the Valls Local Police, the agents proceeded to arrest the two involved who were inside the educational center who had caused material damage to the doors to cross access to the educational center building. Among the belongings, hammers, a goat's leg or crowbar, duct tape, red spray and a radio station of the same model as the one previously identified outside the perimeter were seized.

Both subjects were transferred by the Local Police to the premises of the Mossos d'Esquadra Police Station in the municipality. There, proceedings were instructed by the Autonomous Police, taking demonstrations from the three individuals involved and the intervening police forces.

The minors were released under the guardianship of their parents until they are required by the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.

Whether or not you are on duty, you must act

The agent's actions are an example of faithful compliance with the basic principles of action of the Security Forces and Bodies set forth in Organic Law 2/86, which establishes that the agents of the authority "must carry out their functions with total dedication, must always intervene, at any time and place, whether or not they are on duty, in defense of the Law and citizen security.

In addition, it constitutes an outstanding case of police collaboration and cooperation for the benefit of citizen security.

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