Altafulla reopens the debate on the future residence of the elderly

The plenary hall of the Altafulla City Council will host, tomorrow, the celebration of an extraordinary plenary session in which two motions presented by the opposition groups l'EINA, AM, ERC and PSC-CP and which revolve around The Violeta and the construction of the residence for the elderly and the day center.

Regarding this last point, the councilor for EINA-ERC, Jordi Molinera, recalled that "both before the pandemic and even during the months it lasted, we held several meetings with the Generalitat in which we raised the need for Altafulla to have a equipment of this magnitude. The Government's response was “that we should have an economic and architectural feasibility study. In the midst of covid we obtained the 'yes' to economic viability - the space was expected to have 70 seats - and, at the end of 2021, to the architectural one ». The next step that had to be carried out, recalls Molinera, "was to open the bidding process for the drafting of the project", but "there was a motion of censure and it could not be carried out".

The construction of the future residence for the elderly and day center could be projected on the municipally owned site of La Cabana, but for this it is necessary to make a modification of the POUM, something that, according to the groups that request it, "could be done parallel to the drafting of the executive project». Finally, the motion that will be debated tomorrow also proposes creating an item in the next municipal budgets and taking the first step to make this facility a reality.

La Violeta, 100% versatile

A second motion that will be debated tomorrow during the extraordinary plenary session refers to the versatility of Casal la Violeta. As dictated by the motion, the first two phases of the project that was approved in August 2020 "are already executed and received." But a third is yet to be undertaken "for the construction of an emergency exit, necessary for events on foot in which the room increases its capacity." This, according to the councilor of EINA-ERC, "would give it total versatility". However, part of a private land should be expropriated. “This process is long, but necessary” and, “while the process of executing the emergency exit is carried out, the capacity in the room without chairs can be reduced and shows can be carried out on foot with the emergency exits that currently exist. ».

"In the middle of covid we got the 'yes' to economic viability and in 2021, to architectural"

Jordi Mollinera

Councilor of the EINA-ERC

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