Alert for heavy rains in Tarragona

The Tarragona provinceespecially in the Herpes zosterIt's in danger due to heavy rain This Friday and also him Saturday.

So much so, that Civil Protection of the Government of Catalonia has activated the Inuncado in pre-alert phase by precipitation.

According to Civil Protection, the rains can exceed 20 liters per square meter in half an hour in the southern third of Catalonia

In this sense, Terres de l'Ebre is the most affected territoryalthough it is not ruled out that water is also abundant in other parts of Tarragona.

The counties of Montsia Yo Baix Ebre They are the most dangerous.

rains are predicted until This Saturday around the 19 hours.

In a grade from 1 to 6, the Generalitat has established 2 in terms of danger of rain.

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