Agné against mathematics

Raül Agné saved the first match ball against Numancia, but now they have the definitive litmus test. He is going to play his future on the Nàstic bench as a visitor. That has been the great subject of him as a grana coach and Las Gaunas is going to be the stage to pass sentence. That is why the Board of Directors gave him a two-game ultimatum because he was confident that at home he was going to win, but away the film changes. He did not want to go back to situations similar to the ones he had to live through last season and this season in which the team took a step forward at the Nou Estadi, but he took two steps back when he had to strike as a visitor .

In the Gaunas, the Mequinenza coach is going to fight against a dynamic of results, against his past and against his present. The numbers are not deceiving and the results away from the Nou Estadi do not invite optimism, but if the coach from Granada has shown himself to be capable of something, it is to come out with flying colors at times when it seemed impossible for him to do so.

In the 26 games that Agné has managed Nàstic as a visitor, he has only achieved five victories. That gives a percentage of 19.23%. The rest of the matches have resulted in 11 draws and 10 losses. It must be remembered that the Mequinenza coach only wants to win and the draw against SD Logroñés would also condemn him, so the challenge against the numbers is total. In other words, only five of the 26 results achieved as a visitor to Nàstic would allow him to continue leading the Grana ship.

Those five victories that he has achieved away from the Nou Estadi came last year and in the final stretch of the season. The first was against Betis Deportivo and curiously it was in a match in which the charge was also at stake. The team showed its face again on a day in which his coach risked everything and executed a firm performance in which he did not give the Verdiblanco subsidiary an option. It was the most comfortable victory as a visitor of the 'Era Agné' with a 0-3 that has not been repeated.

Three more victories came in a regular phase of the season in which Johan Cruyff would later win (0-2) in another of the best games that the Granas remember as visitors with Agné on the bench. The other three wins would fall consecutively in three games to remember. It was won at the Carlos Belmonte with a goal in the agony of Pedro Del Campo and the victory was repeated at the Collao in a match in which the victory was only worth getting into the playoffs and in which Pablo Fernández appeared to plant the flag .

The last win away from the Nou Estadi came in the semi-finals of the play-off against Racing Ferrol thanks to a goal from Nil Jiménez at Balaídos. Manu García did the rest and Nàstic got into a playoff final in which they would play again on neutral ground in Galicia and would fall against Villarreal B (2-0).

This year there are already four games that the Grana team has played as a visitor. Two draws and two defeats is the poor baggage. Two of twelve possible points that have brought Raül Agné to this situation. It is in his hands to hit the table again. He already did it last year against Betis Deportivo. He now wants to do it in Las Gaunas. Agné has more lives than a cat. May they never forget it.

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