Adequate progress (Bilbao Athletic 0-0 Nàstic)

This Nàstic continues to progress. Each day leaves a more reliable version. He could not win in Lezama, but he was able to get a draw that maintains the good inertia of results. Beyond the point, a much more exuberant version of a maroon team was seen again, which had very fluid moments in attack during the first half. Josema returned to command the team and Escudero took advantage of his opportunity on his return to the starting eleven, being the most creative player on green. In the end, a point for a bag that is getting fuller and that for a club aspiring to promotion is pure life, they would say.

To this Nàstic another face is drawn. He is more mature. Life has taught him the hard way and now he appears on the pitch with a serious, conscientious countenance, knowing that he has a lot to lose. He already knows that he cannot give anything away because the smallest detail directly kills you. That is internalized by each player who does not admit the slightest individual error in his mental game. They have been too expensive at the start of the season and that is why that is now taboo.

That Nàstic is a team that does not want silly mistakes does not mean that it is a stingy team. Not anymore. He prioritizes competitiveness, yes, but in his game plan he seeks to be the protagonist with the ball.

There it has differential elements compared to last year and one of them is a Josema who finds waterways that do not exist. It is a luxury to have a central defender like this in a category in which spaces sometimes do not appear. Playing with a defender with a midfielder's mind is cheating.

In case there were any doubts, the version of Escudero appeared who signed from Alcoyano in the first 20 minutes of the game. A player who, starting from the right, asked for the ball, associated with it and threatened with that silk left foot that last year blew up the category. It was a hopeful staging of a footballer that Nàstic needs to be even more unpredictable.

In his boots were born the first two approaches grains of danger. The first after a messy play in which he picked up the leather on the front and hit it giving it excessive flight. The second would be even clearer in a manual transition from Nàstic that ended with a tense cross from Joan Oriol that Escudero finished off first, but without strength and easily caught the rival goal. Bilbao Athletic resisted, but it was already warned. In static and against, the Nàstic was connected.

Bilbao Athletic barely reached the grana area against that solid version of Nàstic, but they were about to score shortly before the break. He did it hand in hand with his great asset in the first 45 minutes, Malcom. The right winger was a constant threat from the left. One of those footballers who, when driving, generate vertigo in their rivals because they have the speed and the change of direction learned by inertia. In the 40th minute, he picked up a piece of leather inside the area and hit Manu García's long post very badly. The ball skimmed past the top corner. The Nàstic was saved. It would not have been fair, seen what was seen.

Agné wanted to get her hands on the team despite the fact that the first 45 minutes had been good. He took an erratic Marc Montalvo off the field to put in Eric Montes, while on the left he surprised by putting in Nil Jiménez instead of the willing Marc Álvarez. The second was more surprising than the first.

Perhaps he was looking for greater depth and the truth is that he found it. In fact, the first clear chance of the first half was born in a ride by Nil Jiménez that ended with leather on Pol Domingo's boots outside the area. The side hit him hard and dry and his shot passed very close to the Bilbao goal. The first warning in the second half was given.

Bilbao Athletic also replied a few minutes later. Malcolm again. The martyrdom of the right. The footballer manufactured an individual action in which he was unable to beat Manu García. A lot of goalkeeper for so little shot.

The second half took on a thicker tone from both teams. Those two occasions that were drawn at the beginning were not indicative of anything because what was seen was two teams that, as the minutes passed, contemplated with greater happiness the point they had in their pockets.

Little step in the final stretch of a meeting marked by fear. Both teams confirmed that the distribution of points was sufficient, although Bilbao had the last one in a Guti shot inside the area that revived old ghosts, but this Nàstic is different from Elda's.

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